wut if the Riders lose to Ottawa?

wut if the Riders lose to Ottawa? ...should we panic or hear more excuses why Ng cant throw the ball past 10 yards! :roll:

Don't wait til they lose. Panic now.

I wouldnt panic just yet becuz what if riders beat Ottawa? then you guys will be doing better you guys just gotta trust NG more.

Would you like to trade for Nealon for the Bombers.

I have no comment really. You all know how I feel about Greene. There is no point repeating any of this. Just watch the damn game and have some faith in Greene for once.

lets watch the game and see what kind of coach Barret is
lets see if he can prepare the team to play a decent game or have anouther painfull one to watch
its time for the team to step up to the plate and play ball
they can talk the talk lets see if they can walk the walk

Oh whoops forgot to mention it is a guaranteed Rider blowout in my previous post. I'd say about 42-17 would be an accurate score. When it comes to moving the ball, Saskatchewan is in first place. Most net yards in the league with an average of 423 yards offense per game so far. Once we get the turnover problem in the redzone straight, this team will be scoring a LOT of points. It's going to happen sooner or later.

I agree the team has been moving the ball well. Really well.
Protect that ball and who knows.
As for a loss here, while it would suck, the big part of their sched is coming up against West Division opponents.
Sask has only one loss against a West opponent. If they can get healthy... they could be OK.
Time will tell...

Yeah i would have to agree on a blowout tonight. I just can't see a team coached by Danny Barett lose 4 in a row. He know's that this is a pretty big game and if he wants some of his fans back, that they better win. A blowout would be huge for the Riders in my opinion, because i think that would put us in a good position to upset BC.

My feeling is that this team will correct many things once they have the bye week. The only thing that can turn this around is some of the wounded come back to play and change the offensive scheme or yes there will be a blow out!

still in it at the 1/2

Hmm we lost a guaranteed win. Doesn't get any worse than this. Let's start scouting early for receivers I guess. If Shivers can find guys like Gordon and Dorsey he should be able to find some receivers. Better luck next year Riders.

Hmm I think there was a garaunteed win for Ottawa they are in the hunt for first no the Riders. It was a tough game for them to lose.