Wumper was 100% Correct: Other shoe drops

The football club has a third shoe to drop.
The rather significant statement of claim for delays and related costs, filed by the Quebec based steel erector.
I'm anticipating some notes of irony should our proud club be brought to its financial knees by a Quebec based company.
But, of course, I forgot, WAD assured us that someone's insurance would clean up those pesky millions of dollars...
Lyle, the brown stuff is headed for the blades.
In related news, we wack Tyranna tomorrow.

On a positive note - WRITE-OFF INFORMATION actually reached the media and therefore the public. Many of us weren't surprised because it was predicted as being fully unsustainable.

Some additional points:

  1. CJOB - the bombers mother-station and protectors of the Wad didn't work much (if any) of this public related news into their newscasts. Some much for being known as 'The Voice of Winnipeg'.

  2. Selinger - the fat, fast-talking pol who I usually refer to as "Slinger" wrote the cheques, also agreed to the cockamaymied scheme to get return from the Polo Park thing. But all of them, including Katz & Dizzy David Asper had absolutely ZERO SKIN in the game. Tricking a comatose and obviously ill-informed politician named Slinger was the only real game they had

  3. Sandor 'Sandy' Shindelman - the reclusive real estate mogul and agent for the Polo Park properties which inhabited the old stadium floor plate was openly complaining to a CJOB yokel yesterday that he had to throw a Porsche off the top floor of the Target building (closed after less than a year of operations) every month. That's what it was costing him in property taxes on the thing. So let me get this straight Wumper - does this mean in the sleaze 'n scandal of this thing - does Shindelman and his company Shindico, now own the entirety of the property? If so, that's as big a scandal as the entire IGF experience.

  4. Bombers (football club) still on the hook for the $85 million, they've paid back a tiny portion of this - and if they can't WHAT HAPPENS? Obviously it would be deferred or written off. Current Premier Pallister doesn't have the kahones to do anything more than threaten the bombers with extinction. Politically, its not that wise a move. Hopefully the team and Wad Miller can chip away at their portion of the commitment - which is really a joke - getting a pre-paid factory direct stadium for $85 million (even with the holes in the cement and Jimmy Hoffa buried somewhere on the grounds, lol)

  5. Write off means a number of things. a. Pallister levying a rather substantial weed tax on soon to be legal (November estimate) marijuana sales. b. delay in Pallister promise to reduce Manitoba sales tax to 7% from current 8%, c. property and income taxes will stay high or even increase. d. user fees like rural homes, cottages and provincial parks will increase.



"Swifty" is Shindico's correct knack name and I'd be surprised if he is more than a local PM for CadFair.

Over time IGF will become what most other Manitoba public buildings become, a tax funded gentleman's club where friends of friends ("Directors" in most other biz plans) go to pack the old CV and swill for cheap.

Give us one more provincial election flip and the entire debt will disappear, the only apparent remnants will be a bunch of familiar faces sipping wines unavailable to the paying fans, with their grain fed butts in seats they've never paid for. What an Asper will hold court, laughing and swilling, the true fan count will dwindle and lemmings will tell the grand kids about the good old days when they had a fan site that boasted of the largest circle jerk in all of sports. Annually The WAD will come out, look around, see his shadow and complain about the "bus deal". Rapid transit will one day run to the park, directors will occasionally complain about how difficult it is to get a leased Beemer out of the park with all those damn buses getting in the way. Someone will start to write a book about it, What an Asper will threaten to sue, the story will evaporate. A law firm will rise from the ashes of The old TD bank building and will suggest to a judge that it's time to wind up the lawsuits, all will agree that 5 cents on the dollar seems fair, final closing will be delayed as Phil Sheeg's whereabouts, and signature, are unknown, rumoured to be in Iraq, or maybe Turkey. Interpol will be called to find him. They won't.

Now lets wack Tyranna.

….You know guys in all of this we have a stadium that will last this club for decades....Sure things could have been done different but hindsight is always 2020...The money game and especially regarding governments are a shell game at the best of times...Public money is squandered by the millions and if you actually look at the debt on IGF it is small compared to other government expenditures and dare I say 'boondoggles'...The NDP has all kinds of warts...but I can name other governments who have wasted billions ...not millions...(Liberals and Conservatives)….So enjoy the new digs guys and hang up the political axes...This is football time and we have a Cup in our future (at least I hope the hell it is after 27 years...lol) T.O. tonight and 'maybe' back to back wins...Haven't seen that for awhile from this club

…...Great back to back wins...Crowd could have been bigger...Guess the walk-ups are waiting till we play someone with a good win percentage.....

27,000 announced is pretty darn good, considering the weakness/lack of glamour from opponent . . .

Wonder if Wad ever announces how many chairs he papered. Wumper would prolly estimate 1,500 to 2,000 easy!

Article in today's paper has Slipper M. Sewer (Mayor Brian Bowman) asking why the plan to have the private sector assume levels of participation/risk was never acted upon?

Easy answer? When it comes to losses (or more likely lack of profit) local yokel businessmen knew the project could only bleed green - no real chance of profit from the get-go - - - - that's why even the esteemed David "Dizzy" Asper, armed with a good chunk of his father's 45 million dollar estate, wouldn't even put $50,000 in the thing. In fact, to be perfectly transparent, Asper strip-mined the Manitoba premier for about 5 million - just for the idea Asper put out on his stadium-generating CAD software.

No businessman in their right mind would have put a dime into that project - even their name (for liability reasons). It cannot, and will never generate profits and/or equity.

Why is Bowman even asking the question? Probably to look tough on crime!