WTG Popp !!! great call on 3rd and 1 ......both times !!!

Wow what great coaching LOL .....

What an embarassment to Montreal football.

Only positive is that Popp has to be gone now..has to have sealed his doom with this years play....here's hoping.

I dont find it an embarassment at all. I do agree that Popp has to go, as coach

I still can't believe Popp didn't make the call to punt the ball, what an ass, I know he has a couple of years left on his contract be a GM not a coach

Don't blame the coach, blame your OLine. They were getting no push.

A good coach knows when his Oline is outmatched it was a bonehead call under any circumstances.

At your own 40 something, in those circumstances. That should of never been called.

You have to punt that ball. You at least force Winnipeg to go further to get into FG position. Just a terrible call by Popp!

This was a game we could have won but lost because our head coach refused to admit that our offense has a severe problem in third-and-short situations. There was zero reason to go for it in the first half. We were only trailing by a touchdown. Given how badly we've struggled to convert in these situations, the no-brainer response should have been to kick the field goal and live to fight another day. And live we would have, because that missed field goal opportunity was THE ACTUAL DIFFERENCE IN THE SCORE THAT WON WINNIPEG THE GAME.

Doing it the second time in our own zone was just pure lunacy. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. That is what we got today -- insanity.

punting would not have been a good idea, with the wind in front, you would have gained maybe a total of 10 yards are punt return. that was not enough. but they should stop trying to punch in in the middle. why not an option play? This year, Als were so predictable. almost no surprise plays. I remember 2 surprise play for the whole year... what a shame.

I hate Popp but I still believe that he made the good choice by going for 3rd and one... even if that failed twice in the game.

As a Bomber fan who was at the game I feel for your team. Your team has not been able to convert short yardage all year. The Bombers if they have one strength it has been their success in stopping short yardage plays. Nothing to gain by gambling in that situation. Punt, put Bombers back at their 30 yard line or so and let your defense win the game. Most of us Bombers fans in the stands could not believe your team was gambling! Sitting behind your bench we also noticed severe confusion prior to your unsuccessful goal line gamble earlier in the game. Your field goal team was on the field, players and coaches were screaming at them and then a time out was called. Not clear who was in charge?

you were at Winnipeg, so, you must have felt the wind, eh?

all previous punts made with the win was brutal.. so, you try to keep the ball or maybe, if you are lucky punt it, 20 yards over the line of scrimmage and let BB come back with 10 more yards. so, a net gain of 10 yards or gamble to keep the ball?

Because of the wind (and remember Duval had just shanked his previous punt), I agreed with the call. Had I been coach, I'd have gone for the first down as well....and told my O-line it was time to redeem themselves.

It didn't work, as we all know.

I've been as tough on Popp as anyone here, but I am not going to hold this call against him, because I'd have gone for it too.

I'm still tough on Popp, because had he not gone for it earlier in the game, and had Duval kick an easy field goal instead, WE WOULD HAVE WON THE GAME.

Yes I was at the game and yes I know exactly how bad the wind was and I know exactly how bad the Al's are at short yardage and I know exactly how good the Bombers are at stopping short yardage plays. I was trying to feel sorry for the Als but what the heck..stupid call!!

To me the Oline was brutal all year. They gave up 68 sacks and had Calvillo played the whole season, they would have been around 90!

Oline is broken and every football fan knows that if you can't win the battles on the line of scrimmage you have no hope. Put the Oline o three, four years ago and the Als would have won their division and coaching wouldn't have been an issue.

The Oline was the reason why the Als stunk this year. Everything else is secondary.

And who exactly put together that crack all-Canadian O-line that had to be bolstered with Americans mid-season because it was so goddamn bad?

2 measely feet to get their first down...

It was the correct call. Even Cahoon says it. Bloody hell, are you mad man? There's no way a punt would make sense with 1:32 left on the clock. They get that first down, they'd bleed the clock away.

Snowy has it right, a punt would've been a waste. A punt gets them at best 20 yards net gain... not much. The play was to get a new set of downs.

It's easy to rip a new arse hole for Popp, but if the Als made the first down, then the Argos are playing the Als and Popp looks like a genius.

For a team to do as bad, with this quality of talent/ I don't think Popp would look like a genius, even if the Als made that first down, 100 times.

Popp assembled a team that couldn't gain a few feet on a single down twice in one game, the most important game of the year. Genius? Hardly.

This is his team. His O-line. His players. His hires. And it stinks.

Ryooon, disciplineandpunish...

The word "genius" is used in the context of the play call - not for whatever he apparently didn't accomplish in the season... but thanks for missing the point of the post.