[i]Johnny is a little late commenting on this monumental crapfest. Johnny went to the Montreal Jazz festival and programmed his PVR to record the game.

Ohhhh! But Johnny left the jazzfest around 9:30PM, so he could get home and watch the game, without going to bed at 4:00Am...

What a mistake! Johnny left 35 degree weather, great music, beer drinking, and beautiful half naked Montreal women walking around everywhere, to get home , and find this turd of a game on his PVR! :frowning:

Wettenhall, you owe Johnny 3 hours of jazz, bear, and great eye candy! :cowboy: [/i]

Bob should forget to write pay cheques this week.

Not quite Hfx. .. he should still write cheques to, and perhaps even a few bonuses here and there, to the players on defence.

Otherwise, I'm in agreement.

Hmm...add special teams to that, minus Pippin.

Absolutely, I was talking about his OC, OLC and HC.

Then we have no argument at all.