WTF TSN, Lions road game not on regional feed?

TSN isn't showing the Lions Argos game on their TSN1 feed which is the regional feed-in BC (Alberta and Yukon as well) Seems strange that they are only showing it on the Praires' regional channel TSN3.

Luckily I have TSN3 on my package but I'm sure many others do not.

IMHO this is a new low for the CFL and TSN.


That makes perfect sense because TSN didn't show it either on their regional feed for southern Ontario, TSN 4.

Two teams that are struggling with local interest are not being shown on their home market feeds.

Yep, things like that will help grow the game.


Tsn sadly doesn't care about cfl much, fans and players care more about the league


They have done that since they went to regional channels.

Fortunately now the basic cable package i have gives me all the tsn channels.

Tsn 3,4,5 previously were the NHL regional channels for Ottawa, toronto, winnipeg.
These teams have priority even now.

I dont know how many times over the years Rider games would be on Tsn 1,4 and 5 but Nascar, UFC etc..would be on 3.
Saving grace for me was when SHAW became the sponsor for the playoff games. They gave access to all channels during the playoffs.

That’s why the game should go back to the cbc, let the owners market their own fans, move argos out to Oakville or Mississauga, and let’s get back to 50,000 in the stands. Back to the good old days.

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