WTF, TSN? - AC #13 Coverage

Anthony Calvillo is one of the greatest players if not THE greatest one ever don the Alouette uniform. As well, arguably the best quarterback that stays the league has ever seen. However, the way TSN covered his number retirement ceremony was really bad.

Instead of letting us listen to the speeches (notably from Mike Pringle and Brett Favre), they smothered us with the blabbering from the panel. Fine, we may like Climie, Dunnigan and Schultz. But could we not just get away from them for 20 minutes to listen what actually happening on the field?

Compare that with CBC. For each of the number retirement ceremony of Bob Gainey and Patrick Roy, CBC aired the whole ceremony from the time the honoree entered the arena, uninterrupted, uncut and without much of commentary. That way, audience at home could enjoy the atmosphere as it was at the Bell Centre.

I watched RDS, didn't miss a second. But TSN had better shake things up. Looking at Sportsnet TV coverage this week. TSN could end up losing its spot... What's on Qbert's lip anyway LMAO !

RDS had it covered from the beginning, thank goodness!

They even showed RO1313 before the game. :thup: