WTF is wrong with Maas's arm?

As gross as I feel about my EE's performance today, it's just as bad watching my old E-Town homie Jason Maas throw pick after pick after pick...and it's not just that the argo's are picking him, its that everytime they do they run it back to a TD or close! What is going on?

jason is just made to be a backup QB. He cant take too many reps being a starter because his arm is weak and breaks down, he is like a pitcher, he needs a pitch count, jason can only be a relieft QB.

Then how do you explain Maas's numbers for 2004 when Ray was away? Passed for 5,274 yards, Threw 31 touchdowns, with a 105.1 quarterback rating.

that is one season man, its almost like a relief pitcher having to be a starter for one season, but then he goes back to the bullpen do to his arm being sore and beat up the next season.

He is not the same Maas that we saw in Edmonton for all those years.

Just maybe Jason does not like playing for the Tiger Cats would you! Just maybe he is playing his way off this team.

I'm just saying I'm suprised. We all remember even just last year on this forum ppl were saying the only reason EE's made it to the cup was our 2nd half ace in the hole Maas who would come out and save things change...

I agree but you have to look at the receivers the Esks have and the non receivers the Cats have! That is the difference! A good QB requires someone to catch the ball! He misses Tucker, Hervey, Mitchell, Gaylor! I guess Ricky Ray misses them as well (sorry had to put that in there).

Wasn't there a controversy in Edmonton when Jason was traded how possibly the wrong QB was traded? How does that look right about now.
Also in highnsight, wouldn't Kerry Joseph have looked much better with the Cats?

yeah there was a little controversy since Maas played well pretty much every time he was asked to in Edmonton. Thought at the beginning of the year Yeast and Flick could come thru, but flick aint doing it and did yeast emerge anywhere? LOL

Argotom, I said that in another thread it is like a curse on both teams! I find it rather funny to a degree but like most CFL fans we have to be concerned for the Tiger Cat fans what they must be going through. This is tough love! I think this team needs Lancaster out of there and for god sake get some dam receivers!

if it is indeed the curse of the grey-market trade(s) last year then it's working on both teams, that's for sure.

Agreed, hopefully with the new GM he will clean house at year end.
Supposedly, he will be hiring former Als coach Charley Taffe who is anxious to come back. I recall he was a good coach.
We, from the Argos perspective, need a strong Ticats team asap.

I read a quote last week from Lancaster saying that Maas shoulder would never be 100% again in his career.

They said on the telecast how Maas was icing down his arm BEFORE the game. Wow.
Also, how Lancaster said Maas would not have a lengthy career.
He just does not look good releasing the ball, almost shot put style.

Oh my god i cant believe what im about to say
but playmaker might be right, a guy whose had
shoulder and back surgery might wear down with
all the reps a number one qb has to take.

Now im going to go take a shower. LOL

You feel dirty now don't you! :lol:

The big problem with the Cats is that they dont have a possession receiver. Maas can still throw the 10-15 yd passes, and they need a deep threat as well. Flick is not a bad receiver, but he is not an elite guy.

ticats lack a clutch big play receiver, but maas needs to be put on a pitch count like how pitchers are used in baseball, its clear that he wont have a long career due to the wear and tear on his arm, i dont see him being a starter further on in his career.

Well that team would ruin any QB! I thought the Feterik Stamps were bad with Kid Kevin at QB. They need receivers! Not just one clutch receiver otherwise you would get the results the Bombers have! A one receiver offense. Right now the Tiger Cats have none!