Wspidel I am calling you out!

Why do you hate the NFL? :

 Is it boring?

 Did they cut you one year?

 Are you Anti-American?

 Do you really think their QBs have no talent?

 Is it cuz they bully the scouting combine with their huge amount of Cash?

 Do you even watch the NFL?

I just want to know what the source of your anger is.

Now keep in mind when replying . . . We are not enemies and we just want to have a pleasant conversation on this topic.

The guy is a spud! Plain and simple. He can not carry on any CFL football conversations with the fans on the site. So he posts that crap. Why call him out? He is really entitled to his opinion. Just ignore him and post in favor of your team. Thryllin like your posts keep up the good work!

Cheers, I am looking forward to the Calgary/Saskatchewan game in Taylor Field.

yes it should be a dandy as usual! :lol: Get that Burris sucks shirt warmed up! :lol: But the interesting part will be to see how the rider offense handles Austins play book.