WSF sold out within a half-hour. Just thought I would post a positive thinking post rather than a ref- basher. LOL.

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Are they expanding the seating at all?

That doesn't surprise me at all. I figured you Rider fans would be all over the tics when they went on sale. Should be a great atmosphere.

There was talk about that, but mgmt has said that they would need to charge $50-$60 a seat to break-even to cover the additional costs (Security, washrooms, concessions, etc). I would like to see more green in the stands, but it is the green in bank that may decide this question.

Wonder if any Stamps fans actually got a chance to buy tickets... :lol:




There are almost always tickets reserved for visiting fans...I was led to believe by a reputable person that this was the case this time as well.

There may be some reserved. But if they are, they would likely already be included as part of the "sold" number. Check with the Stamps to see if they have access to any or are holding any for their fans.

Yea I was just kiddin' and am sure you can find some in Cowtown.

I do think most of the money we make this year should be a financial commitment for a large expansion program of Mosaic Stadium, to be matched by all three levels of govt. in some capacity. Leading the way would have to be the Riders and the City of Regina who owns the facility. I'd like to see something small and managable for the offseason that would be considered viable in the short term and sustainable in the long term. The numbers provided by the league through Saskie in another post speak to this need, and the probability to earn alot more in ticket sales.

I think an upgrade involving the construction of 4200 seats in the north(and particularily northeast) endzone that connects with the East bank of seats is entirely possible and if not needed then definately wanted.

The reason I would favor the north endzone is to further shelter the neighbours in the area from crowd noise and to continue to have a great view out of the south endzone toward the rail lines and the downtown skyline. After all our downtown needs the publicity and our rail lines are our life lines of trade and heritage in the city and province.


Great post. But please stop with the acronyms. It has to be one of my biggest pet peeves.
SRO?? Sold right out? why wouldn't you just put that.

sorry bout being negative just drives me nuts.

And good work Rider fans for selling it out. I've had my tix for awhile now.

Cmon Billy WTF, LMAO IIRC you used tix in your post? What is a tix? Is it plural?? :smiley:

No, but it's not an acronym, either...laugh out loud...:wink:

hahaha. You noticed that did you. And it only took one poster.

I would consider tix as slang, which I am fine with. Its acronyms that I hate. The worst is when people actually use the acronym in day to day conversation. How is saying wtf any better then what the $%#*. I think it makes you look more ignorant, but thats just me.


Yep, time for more seats in Regina! :cowboy:

Billy there are those of use, who put the use of slang and the use of acronyms into the arena.

Acronyms should only be used in a situation when everyone is familar with the meaning of the acronym. Similarily slang should only be used in a situation when everyone is familar with them. As an example: assuming that everyone in an online environment would understand "that is bad" is actually slang that means it is good is wrong. Similarly saying "LOL" in a family setting around the table is likely not a wise thing to do.

I do agree acronyms should only be used to express commonly referred to items such as Laughing out loud - "LOL" or not something nobody could possible understand.

See, and I thought SRO was Standing Room Only.

Are they going to have Austin part some water and have Tillman walk through if not I am not watching it.

This I agree with. Im not even going to lie... I have a bad mouth sometimes... But I figure if Im gonna do it, I should go all out lol... None of this spoken "WTF" where they say each individual letter lol

Because you dont want to see your Stamps to get Stumped! :lol: :lol: :lol: