WSF Riders @ Esks

Figured a game thread may as well get going.

We've all heard the rumors that Reilly's injury was worse than originally let on, but it is supposedly confirmed

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The Esks have signed Goltz and say Nichols is starting. This could still easily be a mind game, but everything has indicated Reilly will be out, so likely is. They say he will practice and be available...but there have been pretty consistent rumors he has a small fracture in his foot.

At any rate, it looks increasingly like it will be the battle of the backups. You want to face and beat a team at its best in the is a pride thing...but at least both sides are likely to play backups.

As stated on another post, there are mind games being played on both sides. I think Nichols stays in the game if he is moving the team but I also think the Eskimo's are spinning the injury thing just a little. I expect to see Reilly early, unless Nichols is lighting it up. On the other side of the ball, I would be surprized to see Durant in the game but there are stranger things that have happened, just watch Seabiscuit.

I just fail to see what Edmonton gains by playing mind games as you say with the Riders. Every drive counts in the playoffs and you would think that if Reilly was healthy to play you would see him from the start of the game. Regardless the Riders will prepare their game plan and the most prepared team will win.

No doubt there are mind games at work and nothing will be truly revealed at this time, but the Goltz signing is weird

Who do you prepare for, Reilly or Nichols?

You prepare for Reilly, just like the Esks prepare for Durant. Preparing for those 2 will prep for others coming in, except for Maybe White who is crazy mobile...but I tend to think Goltz was signed to replace him this week

I am not sure the defensive game plan is any different. Win the line of scrimmage.

IMO this could be a lot less about the line than normal. Controlling the line generally goes a long way though for sure.

I think Nichols could still be a good QB, there is potential there, but the Riders proved that Nichols is still at a point where he will throw an elevated number bad balls if someone is in his face. However, White can make something from nothing, so that is less important for controlling the line there. The Esks are on the upper end for preventing sacks and gave up none last week...that's huge. The Rider MLB has been its weakness all season, and while they seem to have a good fit in there now, there is a lack of true experience in Burdette. Burdette did a pretty respectable job plugging the middle, but is a bit slow for rolling out. They can start someone faster in there, but anyone else has been manhandled all season on draws and keepers. I think the key battle there is that MLB. If the Riders need to start rolling someone out of the secondary to assist like they have much of the season, then it opens Bowman up to having huge numbers.

Both of these teams have solid lines on both sides, and both have the ability to punch out big ground games. I think those can almost be a wash, so long as the Riders keep the holding calls down like they finally did in the last game.

For the Riders, I think the key is using Miller to spread the DEs out a bit and cause some hesitation on that bull rush, and perhaps whomever is at the helm to run a couple times early to assist in that.

Pat White was injured in the final game on a hit first by Rod Williams and then hit again as he was going down by a D-lineman (not sure who). IMO, he may have suffered a concussion on the play... That is likely the reason for signing Goltz.

Regardless, Edmonton will not be as strong without a 100% healthy Rielly.. This is good news for the Riders and Rider Fans. The Rider Defense still needs to step up though. White (RB) will be strong, and Bowman/Stamps are threats regardless of who is throwing the football

Joseph vs Nichols with Reilly and Durant coming off the bench if need be. This evens the match up a bit; no excuses as both are in the same spot in terms of their starting qb.

joseph at his best is much better than Nichols is today. Maybe not will be in the future, but today. However, Edmontons D will win the day.

But Nichols has been in the system for a full season and camp...pretty fair trade off. I think either DD or Reilly could start if they felt the urgency from what is out there.

Yeah, I really don't get the whole "playing mind games" thing either. If your starter is healthy, you start him. You don't announce another guy as the starter, and sign someone else just to throw off your opponent.

I think you gameplan for Nichols, because lets be realistic, if Reilly does play, he's going to be a pocket passer and nothing more. You're not going to see Reilly scrambling with a fairly serious ankle/foot injury.

Signed because or White being hurt

Edmonton by 14 Points Ladies & Gentlemen!

Your probably right, Out of the three starts by Nichols two were against Calgary and the one against the Riders they didn't have their RB or top Rec . Just those two weapons alone should make a difference. The D will be fired up this week as well. Would be nice to have Reilly start but I don't think it's needed this week.

With Reilly it'd be Edmonton by 25. With Nichols it'll only be 14.

Read last night that Durant isn’t on the roster. That’s one bright spot for Edmonton. Now we just need Nichols to take care of business. If he ever needed a win, now would be it.

Hope the Esks players are saying the same thing. If so, they already lost. Underestimate a team full of winners and you lose. Riders by 8, btw, with or without Reilly.