WSF GAME ON - Lions@Sask Game Thread

Game on and here's to a good one!! May the best team win!

Another argument for an outdoor stadium - neat fly-by ...

If both teams could be eliminated at the same time, I'd be cheering for that option... but since I think Lions fans will be more boisterous if they win, I think I'll cheer for the Riders...

I honestly feel that the crowd/intensity, etc. will somehow have the Riders TOO intense and it will result in penalites for how they started.

YES>>>>>>>>BC ball. Wake - what's gonna stop that guy?


On the board first. What crowd?

C'mon Lions! tear em a new ........................

Go Lions Go

Brent Johnson...oh yeah, another weapon who comes to play.

Turnovers are going to be a problem for the Riders'? Better fix that.

Nice pick!

wheres the interference on that pick? bc tackled the rb

wow.. what a GREAT START!

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Ferocious front four...I like it.

Forget the challenge man, my slow mo pvr says its a catch!

It was definitely the right call on the review

Good to see JC back. There’s another tried and true “weapon” for us.

Alright LIons! Thats put some more points up! Light it up Buck!

I truly hate losing bets! LOL

Should've been a call there...oh well, don't need it.

Unbelievable no call on that obvious Pass int. Typical Rider break.

Yeah, I have to agree... if they want to leave these guys alone and let them bang around, that's fine... but Simon was clearly grabbed there.

Only 3 points after 2 turnovers , not very impressive, I'd be a little worried .

4 points on two turnovers in our own end? Rather not have the turnovers but thanks D!

well enough with the comments like that "typical rider break.."

give me a break!