WR's overall looks weak

It's time to interject some youth into the group of receivers and I have no problem with evaluating Shuler. Dude had season's of 102, 103, and 92 catches in college. I like the core of veterans, but I just don't think there is enough explosiveness at the position.

Look around the league and your going to notice that with the exception of Williams the top 20 receivers in the league are all about hands and route running. The quick stuff is all happening underneath and working with mitigating success. Even the Ticats are sitting a healthy Sinkfield this weekend.

I don't have a problem with Shuler but he's not going to bring "explosiveness". Chandler Jones on the PR who was timed at 4.34 sitting on the practice roster however might give us that.

Jones is a pure athlete where as Shuler is a pure football player with tremendous football instinct. Kids down in Florida eat, sleep, drink, and dream football. We could have the next Gizmo Williams on our hands. It's worth a shot at discussing the possibility.

For now, veteran receivers offer consistency for a young QB.

What will help Cato is continuity on offense, patience as he learns the whole playbook, and more commitment to the run from his OC.

Pure athlete ? Not so sure.

Senior season
Jones: 79 receptions for 1,356 yards and a school single season record 15 touchdowns.
Shuler: 92 receptions for 1,138 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Both own their school's record book. just one is a possession receiver the other is a dart. I like them both, but if your going to talk about explosiveness, that's where we differ.

If you want to talk about who can be most effective for the Als right now, the only answer is Shuler, who started all games in his last three college years, with very little participation in his freshman year - compiling 322 catches for 3563 yards from Rakeem Cato. Chandler Jones, after redshirting, played 4 years catching 248 passes for 3,087 yards. Speed is but one aspect of a good slot receiver but good hands and route running skills are far more important for the designated possession receiver. Success in the passing game begins and ends with the familiarity between the QB and the receiver, so I am unsure why there is a point that needs to be argued.

Please don't misinterpret. I am not saying that Chandler Jones is a bad receiver, I am simply saying that Shuler is a better choice for the Alouettes. The other question to assess here is: Who would be playing, Jones or Hoffman, if both were healthy?

Right now with Lewis and Green, if one of those went down Stamps would move inside so Shuler would not get a sniff to play the slot. For both Shuler and the Als the ideal scenario is if his friend Cato decides to sign a two year extension and then Cato can bring Shuler up to speed in the off season, mini-camp and training camp. Then he would be fighting for a job on a level playing field. That is how I see it anyway.

I'm really hoping to see these two play together at some point but it needs to be done right.

Yes, a two year extension would be great.

Not impressed at all by the depth at WR.

Stamps is not playing, Hoffman is injured.

Charette has been a pleasant surprise; good hands and he held on to a pass early where he was immediately "blown up" after the catch.

What’s happened to Giguere and Lewis?

WHO SIGNED #87? The guy is AWFUL.

From the CFL I grew up watching, the key to winning was solid QB play, reliable WR's, and sold defense.

Right now I don't see enough playmakers at the WR and SB spots. It hurt that Stamps went down, which mean Green was the only true threat out there. Lewis is ok, but he's only going to provide spurts.

Besides the get fumble from #87, #46 could not stay on his feet to gain a first down during that last drive. The sad part his he, barely was hit and lost his balance.

We were down two starters tonight and it showed but Calgary was short way, way more talent than Montreal.

[i]We are definitely week at receiver! The only true threat we have is Green. Lewis is OK as a short yardage possession receiver, nothing more. Stamps has had one good game so far out of four. Giguere is completely anonymous. Looks like a more muscled up Deslauriers!

Dobson Collins, geez. :roll: This is a true area of weakness. NEEDS to be fixed right effin now! [/i]

We'll need to regroup quickly by next Friday.

I would add that Giguere had one good game so far as well.

Lewis, I was not on board when it was announced he was signed. So far, I see nothing from him to change my mind.
In fact when I saw him signing autographs before the game was over and standing alone on the goal line when the anthem was being sung, WTH?! Save it for after the game is over. You are with the Als now and not the Stamps.

Collins, there is a reason he is with his fourth team now. Why Popp signed him, please explain.

Anybody on board now?

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