Wrong for CFL to be affiliated with poker stars?

Read this in the Hamilton Spectator (owned by the Toronto Star, who like to diss the CFL as we know) this morning in the editorials. I really didn't give it much of a thought as I buy my lottery tickets each week, like many Canadians, and don't see gambling as an immoral issue, heck, our government is involved with it for pete's sakes. Like alcohol, you just don't get too hooked on it big-time where it becomes a problem.


"I have been a CFL (Ticats) fan for 42 years, and can't tell you how disappointing it is to see the CFL publicly affiliate itself with poker stars.

Please don't kid anyone. Only a fool would believe it doesn't encourage gambling.

The CFL was made on rolling-up-the-sleeves, working-class appeal, and now it seems the CFL game has become a joke.

Take a peek at Michael Vick in Atlanta, or better yet read the papers to see the human tragedy and misery that gambling brings. So sad to see the CFL desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel. What's next, stripping?"

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poker aint all that bad at least the cfl aint endorsing dog fighting or making it rain or steroids, oh wait cfl doesnt test for roids, lol.

In Canada, advertising of gambling is legal. Other countries allow it too. However the USA is more anti-gambling. CFL also seems to accept advertising by sportsbook bowmans (or bet365).

The CFL wants to appeal to the largest amount of people as possible. Pokers stars is a huge memeber list. They are doing it to get the younger sport entusiasts interested.

Gambling and sports have gone hand in hand since the beginning of sport (I have no proof to back up that statement I just made).

Are you as disgusted with the CFL for participating in Sport Select? If not then there is no difference according to your logic.

I will now quote myself from another thread. This thread seems to be more suitable for such a story.

Worse than their endorsement of gambling is the commercial they show for one of those poker web sites, in which the guy pinches the woman's butt. After her initial startled reaction, the bikini-clad woman just laughs it off.

I'm certainly no prude, as anyone who has seen the contents of my hard drive can attest. :wink: But the CFL is supposed to be family-oriented, and this commercial sends the message that that type of sexual assault is not only acceptable, but even welcomed by the victim.

I don't recall seeing the ad this past weekend. I hope it has been pulled.

Poker stars is a free poker sight, let them advertise it all they want.

I'll BET nobody thought of this at head office!

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Sorry couldn't resist!

The ads are for Pokerstars.net which is a free poker site to 'work on your skills'. I see no problem in advertising free game websites on TV.

If this was a free bingo site would you care?

The fact that he compares this situation to Micheal Vick just destroys any credibility this guy had... Whatever.

I think this goes to show that few people actually pay attention during the commercials. During the entire commercial, if Im not mistaken it says on the bottom of the screen...

"This is not a gambling sight" or something similar to that.

Yes it does say that is is not a gambling site.
However, Im not sure that Pokerstars is affiliated with the CFL as opposed to them being affiliated with TSN.

The CFL has no say in who TSN sells commercials to.

From their site

PokerStars.com is a fun, safe place to play poker with people from around the world for [b]real[/b] or play money.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

I have greater concerns over the CFL being on the same network (TSN) that broadcasts WWE and Monster truck rally's than I am about poker....

TSN has dropped WWE, I think its on the score now.


I really hope you know and got Steve's permission to speak about the way he chooses to entertain himself man. I know him and Im going to bring this to his attention. Not cool if you didnt ask first man, not cool.


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