Wrong Call ... 100% .. No Doubt About it !!!

Was there an illegal block - yes, 100% ... but THE FACT remains it had ZERO IMPACT on the play. Was it stupid of #44 to push from behind ? - absolutely, 100% ... but the fact is, if he doesn't make that idiotic decision to shove the defender - that defender was NEVER going to make the play ... not only would he have NOT made the play on his own - but there was a second Tiger Cat (#14) trailing #44 - he was in position to, and would have creamed the defender ... there was just NO REASON for the Ref to make that call ... it was unnecessary, irrelevant, and the WORST call in the history of the Grey Cup.

Only a true CFL football fan, and serious football mind can comprehend how tragic, and idiotic that penalty call really was. It is a classic example of "if you have to ask - you wouldn't understand" .

It is a real shame the TD was taken away ... it could have been an instant classic, a Grey Cup for the AGES !!!

If the ref doesn't make the call ... then the discussion becomes "it looked like there was a block from behind ... to which the football world would have responded - but it didn't effect the play whatsoever - so it was a GREAT NON-CALL. " It can not be stated emphatically enough - a NON-CALL by the ref would be a lot more defensible, acceptable, and easier to swallow than the bone head decision he made to butt his insignificant self into the narrative, and mess with the course of history !!!!

Instead we were all robbed of a special football moment, and left to suck on sour grapes for an eternity by a MORON REFEREE who should be ashamed of himself for all time.

Are you Kent Austin standing up for this players, as he should BTW? Look, I agree from a strict entertainment point of view with you but this isn't the World Wrestling thingy where you tell the officials do it this way to sell more tickets. You want that, go watch wrestling. If the CFL comes to that, I'm gone as a fan. Sure, it's entertainment but not at any price. If YOU can't figure that out, go home and be quiet.

But agree, no call, Ticats win, refs missed a call, everyone who is a Cats fan says well, that's sport. But I respect the CFL much more today knowing they had the officials call this play as it should have been called. They got it right, and that's all anyone can ask from the refs.

The beauty about true competition, unlike the wrestling fixed garbage, is that it's just that, true competition with refs doing their job in a professional and proper manner. Sure, Austin says penalties could be called on every special teams play, and he's right, but this particular one was so evident, right out in the open for the cameras to see, nothing hidden, the ref had to call it as he saw it, and he saw it correctly. As a fan of the Ticats, I wish the refs weren't so good, on this one play anyways. :wink:

Drew Edwards is reporting the Calgary player admitted he was out of position and when he felt the Hands he flopped !

It's in his video Bad Hotel Coffee Chat at the top of the page !


And Drew agrees is was a BAD CALL !!

That even makes it a worse play by the Ticat player who made the infraction. The player screwed up. That's the way it is.

But if you'e saying just like a ball is uncatchable therefore no penalty on a pass play when in fact there was a penalty for all intents and purposes, are you saying no penalty for this type of play because the player was out of position? That's one for the league to ponder in the offseason because that opens up a Pandora's box of intrepretations of how to officiate a game with all sorts of situations. That would be an interesting discussion. Maybe that's what every league should do? :? How about this in hockey, well the player had his back to the boards when getting the puck therefore he put himself in a position to be hammered into the boards, no boarding penalty even though the player is now in hospital with a broken neck. :roll:

have to agree with Flying A on this. should have been a good "non" call.

I'd be happy ryan, hey my Cats won the Grey Cup. But the deep down part of me would be saying the refs made the wrong call even if they saw it, they should have turned a blind eye.

WWF here we come! :roll: :roll: :roll:

ryan, did you ever play football? Do you understand why they call clipping penalties? Just to let you know, it's something about player safety, in case you forgot. My guess is Drew Edwards sort of forgot as well why clipping penalties are called. Let's hope the refs never forget it, in football or hockey aka hitting from behind.

if player safety doesn't trump "entertainment", I'm outta here.


Disagree - you have to make that call IMO.

It was a push in the back and the guy was within two yards of Banks. He probably would still not have gotten him but watching the video (many times - I'm a sucker for punishment) were he not pushed in the direction the Cats player pushed him he may have come VERY close to being able to clip Banks heels without that push in the back.

The Calgary player had started to veer to his left in the direction Banks was taking off but the push sent him the other way - you've got to make that call. He likely would have tried and missed or Sinkfield may have picked him off but for the ref having to make that decision instantly at full speed without the benefit of all the slow mo replay angles we have - you've got to throw the flag IMO.

yes played it.
yes I know what clipping is, this wasn't clipping. this was an illegal block. now granted my definition of clipping may come from the NFL rule book so I will have to do some research.

you could call holding on just about every play in football. a lineman can hold as long as his arms hands are inside the shoudlers. that's not in the rule book but the refs turn a "blind eye"

its whatever at this point games over

Drew Edward, a highly respected journalist in Canadian Football summed up the play very nicely in his Video :thup:
and I agree with what he said 100 % :thup:

So you agree, a penalty and player safety is an issue. Thank you. Sure, I wished the refs turned a blind eye on this one as it most likely wouldn't have mattered, that player wasn't going to tackle Banks. But it was too out in open IMHO to turn a blind eye on a play that is there for player safety. Again though, the league might want to look at this along the lines of an uncatchable ball therefore some infractions are ok. Who knows.

When you gamble, as the Ticat player did because HE was out of position to make a proper and safe block, you must realize that a call on the field can go either way. The Calgary player hustled and because of his hustle, forced a Ticat player to mess up, which is exactly what happened.

Goto the 45 second mark of this video , and the subsequent replay of it at 1.03 ... it's a great example of a good NON CALL ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN7hC0UYl_E

Contrary to what Schultz says - I'm sure this guy kept his job after the de-briefing, and audit of his game.
This is the NFL ... nobody is screaming that it devolved into the WWE after the non-call was made. The ref realized the infraction was of no consequence, and allowed a play on. That simple !

All your player safety talk is pure BS in the case of the Grey Cup game ... it was an innocuous push, and the defender had the presence of mind to EMBELLISH (aka FAKE) the severity of it. In the spirit of competition, justice, fair play, the reputation of the league, posterity and the annals of Canadian football - THIS PLAY DESERVED A NON-CALL !!! Period.

i'll have to suck it up and rewatch it again. from my memory, not a very good one lol

Banks was clearly gone in opposite direction when the contact happens. if CGY player turned in towards Banks Reed woulda been able to put a hemlet or hand on front shoulder pad.

like i said i'll have to rewatch but the contact was on the trailing CGY player at that point since Banks was already gone

yeah, like you shouldn't get a ticket for going thru a stop sign when there are no other cars or pedestrians anywhere near

So your expectation now is that the ref should ignore an obvious penalty right in front of him with a player near the ball, because you don't think that player being standing would have impacted the play?

I must have missed the part in the job requirements for an official where clairvoyance is required. :roll:

Tell the players to stop breaking the rules and we'll have fewer calls like this. It's really not that complicated, the rule on blocking has been the same for quite a while now.

If he wasn't going to impact the play, then there was no reason whatsoever to throw an illegal block on him.

The desire to blame the officials for player stupidity gets old really fast.

damn, I guess we now gonna spend the whole off season discussing a good call by the ref because some just don't get it.

You really are a Flying A******. Have you ever officiate a sport? How many times have you seen the replay? How many times have you seen it in slo-mo? How many still shots? From how many angles? I'm a hockey official so I know what I am talking about when I say one look, from one angle you don't get to choose ahead of time, at full speed makes the process a hell of a lot tougher. Now factor in the part about the rule book. You know, the little book the officials use to call the game, where they get the penalties from. When you can show me in the CFL Rule Book where it states an illegal block is only called when the blocked player had an opportunity to impact the play I will apologize for calling you a Flying A******.

Get a grip, get a life and get out of here with your BS indignation. For the first time in a very long time an Andre Proulx crew called a good game and that particular official show a lot of guts to throw a flag on a play he knew could potentially be a game changer. You are an uninformed a**.

The hilarious part is the title says "Wrong Call ... 100% .. No Doubt About it !!!" and then the first seven words of the thread point out that there was an illegal block and thus the call was correct. The player in question even admitted it already.

But hey, fans need to whine.

I'm one of the harshest critics of the officials here and even I say it was a good call and well called game.

on clipping yes it should be called everytime. but that wasn't clipping.