Any writers out there fancy themselves a CFL historian?

Let me know...


I somewhat do, but for the teams, not the players.

and I can be unbiased, I'm just biased when I talk on here.

The supjects I'm majoring in are History and Political Sci.

He asked for writers.
Spelling will count. :roll: :wink:

Ok, that's me out.

To do what exactly, pm?

To assist in documenting the histrory of the CFL..."For the people...by the people" An online collaborative effort... (picture billowing canadian flag in background with anthem....)...to record our great game for all to see, read and enjoy....


I'd Be Happy To Help Out (Standing At Attention With A Tear Roling Down My Cheek), I Know A Lot About The Leagues History And Would Look Forward To Helping Out A Though I Guess My Grammer Would Kinda Knock Me Out Of The Running (The Whole Caps Thing). Although You Should Look Into Recruiting Big Dave. If I Had To Pick I'd Say That He Knows The Most About The History On This Forum.

and I guess foren fans of this league don't fit the bill.

CFLpm, I would LOVE to help out. I wish there was more CFL history on the website, and I'd be happy to contribute. Trying to find CFL history is hard to do ... it's all over the internet, and it would be nice to collect it all together. Also, I love writing, especially about sports, and I'm looking for anything related to do ... please, let me know! I'm absolutely up for it. Half of my free time is spent looking for sports history ... in any case, I'd love to help!

I'm not huge into the history aspect, but I'm killer with grammar. . .as some people on the site may know :smiley: I've also taught a lot of Creative Writing and a plethora of English classes. I'll help out with the 'fine tuning' if you'd like.

I would be happy to help out in any way I could. I am not a writer, however everything about the cfl fascinates me. This would make me a part of CFL history forever.

i'm only 16, but i'd love to help...if you want a view of the league from a younger point of view, although some people think i'm a 30 year old impersonating a 16 yr old

Really... I get the opposite sometimes myself... 16 impersonating 30....

The project will consist of 2 parts.... those that write...and those that read the output and validate the info... The idea is that if an inaccuracy is found we can make the necessary research and correct....

The basic concept is one huge collaborative effort by the league and the fans to document the games history...online for all....


Great idea.

But before we focus on the past, wouldn't it be a good idea to focus on the present?

I do remember there was supposed to be a section on this site with players bios and indivisual stats for each of them. Something that wasn't in PDF.

In the early weeks, you told us this was coming. And we agreed to be patient. But two-thirds into the season, that feature still isn't there. I kinda doubt we'll ever see it come true this year.

What happened?