WRITE your CFL teams and COMPLAIN about the possible firing?

If the CFL’s owners fire …TOM WRIGHT…talk about stupid. :roll:

Who are they going to replace with near the beginning of the season?

This should help sell tickets? The anti CFL press will have a field day.

Tom has gotten the CFL sponsors such as REEBOK and SONY…

He helped turn around B.C. ,TORONTO and HAMILTON…

He has been the best commisioner in years…How is a teams financial problems his fault?

Come on people , start your e-mail engines… :smiley: 8)

Letters do work if there is more than ten. :smiley:

I know…This is INSANE, if they let go of Tom Wright, all the progress that was made in the last couple of years will be lost. The CFL needs stability…the CFL needs Tom Wright. He is passionate about Canada and the CFL. If he goes, I might as well stop purchasing season tickets in protest.

Write then…I did to many teams and the OTTAWA SUN…

It tells you who really runs the league

Maybe I just crawled out from under a rock, but where are you reading that Tom Wright may be fired? I haven’t seen anything in the paper?

go to www.sportsnet.ca there’s an article about it there

Thanks calgaryred.

The CALGARY SUN , well that is a surprize :roll: …and he was on TSN with the GLOBE guy and BOTH side he should be fired , because of the OTTAWA situation…They were not asked if WRIGHT if he had done one good thing for the CFL and no one said that he had done anything good…see what I mean now.? 8)

I am not making this up…it is almost as if they want the CFL to fail…for what purpose.? :roll:

the CFL is too awesome for their grandmamas


we won and so did the CFL …TOM is the man…and still has his job

see : TSN.ca for details. :smiley:

I don’t claim to know anything about this situation, but IF the owners are trying to make the CFL fail…to me, it simply means that they are looking in some way to have one or two of the top Canadian teams absorbed by the NFL, and thus probably triple their income potential…

Just a thought from and American who has seen first hand the pwoer of Greed!

Its good for the owners to have a weak CFL commish…they got even more freedom with the cap, and they have more control i the league.