Write Off The Season for this team

My first post here.
Do not know what to say other than this season is a complete write off for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, other than the fact that they actually have a new stadium in Winnipeg.
I don't know.....sell the team and everything about the Blue Bombers EXCEPT the new stadium to Quebec City or Halifax or Shreveport or Las Vegas and start fresh from ground up?
This current organization from top down has more failure on it than three dead skunks in the middle of Highway 75 south of Winnipeg, all over it.

And some want to move back to the West division :lol:

LOL. This is the CFL, not the NFL. Just a couple years ago the bombers faced a BC team in the Grey Cup that started the season 1-7. They are only a couple wins away from 3rd place in the division, sad as that might be. They played one of the top teams in the league today tough for a half, beyond what most people expected out of them. The season is only half over, and regardless of whether they can still make the playoffs or not, there will continue to be changes made over the course of this season to get try improve both now and going into 2014. The players now are having to prove their worth, both in the short term and the long term and if not then the new management team will be making changes. This whole write off thing is ridiculous - what does that even mean? Pack it in and forfeit the rest of the season?

Absolutely, this team is an oline and a QB away from being competitive.

Oh, is that all??

Ticats are marginally better and your QB could be suiting up with the Bombers next year. Always amazes me how Ticat fans can talk smack with a losing record.

Lol funny. I'd add to that a HC, which is currently being held by the OC.

Many changes coming, the season may be toast but it doesn't take long to turn things around in the CFL.

The season has only just reached the midway point and you are willing to write off your team - after the game they had yesterday, I sure hope you have amended that opinion. They may have lost but for the first time in how many games they actually showed up to play and with some passion to boot. This is the CFL and no team has a lock and no team can be written off as past history in the league has shown. Have some faith in your Bombers - next week could very well be the turning point - for the better.

Clearly you misinterpreted my post....no surprise really when it comes to you

I was not talking smack, I was commenting on your post, the way you put it, it sure sounds like O-
lines and QBs are a dime a dozen and the Bomber brass can just run down to 7-11 and pick them up the next time they go out for milk....

:roll: :roll: :roll:

This definitely does not sound like a Blue Bombers fan, there should be no selling off of the team; they need some time to rebuild after one poor GM. So what; there was a good article it was called DIGGIN OUT or something on the blue bombers. Talks about how one man, the previos GM was able to completely destroy the team.

How he ignored his Vice GM; ignored the HC and was even demanding which players play where. Well now it's time to have some real management with a GM who might actually show us he is decent. Get some newer players in there and some life into the mix.

Next year we may see the bombers back at the grey cup; maybe not. But doesn't mean its time to give up on our team. Hell even this year we could still see them at the grey cup; it still is only a four point spread which isn't that large in reality. Many teams are having troubles; Edmonton is also 1 - 8 and there are two teams that have almost all the wins.

I just hope we continue to see the changes we have been seeing; the spots replaced that are not showing that they want it, ect

I think there's a ton of evaluation going on right now and figuring out who's going to keep their job going further this season and who will or won't be back in 2014. There's nothing to write off as the decisions being made for the rest of this season could have a dramatic impact for 2014, especially in regards to whether there's a new GM or Walters gets the job full time and whether they even can Tim Burke and the rest of the coaching staff. If they can have a decent second half of the year, it could be perceived as them fixing the damage Mack has done on the field and they may get more time to prove themselves. There is a lot still to figure out going forward. Maybe it'll continue to be a disappointment, maybe the last third of the year we start seeing some consistency and improvement. Maybe Hall or Goltz shows the type of development that makes the team stand pat at QB going into next season rather than going out and getting a new QB. Whether they make it to the playoffs at all is secondary. What will be interesting to see if they can find another import receiver to take over from Edwards who is getting into the twilight of his career. All the other top import receivers we've had have turned into 1 year wonders 2nd year busts - TJH, Carr, Matthews. Finding another import receiver that can do it year in year out will be just as important as finding a QB. Finding a good import tackle as Boatman and Douglas have struggled and January isn't getting any younger. Secondary help. For once there's a management team in place that isn't afraid to bring in people to remove underperforming players from the roster. I for one am interested in seeing if they can reshape the roster over the last 9 games into a more competitive team that can stay in games and maybe win a few.

I say sell off the whole organization lock stock and barrel to the Gliebermans so they can have a franchise someplace down in the southern US (which would be folded before training camp), and take the money and start from scratch. It would be a quicker way to fielding a 9-9 team per season than going the current route.

Perhaps, but I also remember the mid to late 1990's....hearing this same talk about hanging in there because the team played with passion for Jeff Reinbold.
It is September, the Blue Bombers have yet to win a game at home this season, and quite frankly, I doubt they will manage to squeak in another win this season at all.
The bright side is at least they won't go 0 wins-18 losses this year.

Wow, so the Blue Bombers actually squeaked out a win for this "Banjo Bowl" thing.
I am shocked.
I also predict it is their last win of this season. Edmonton, who is just as bad as Winnipeg this year, will blow them out completely, Bombers will score a fluke rouge or something to get on the scoreboard, and that's about it.

bwaa ha ha ha ha ha ha. Funniest nonsensical post I've read in a long time, just like your prediction that the bombers wouldn't win another game this year. Edmonton started 3 import olineman and they couldn't block a tackling dummy as effective as they were. Reilly keeps taking shot after shot after shot. Eventually he won't get up. Which Olineman will Hervey call out next time? And for all his outspokenness about the Oline play has he made any effort as the GM to bring in someone to improve the line? What a joke. The eskies blow us out, and in back to back games? Gimme a break. At worst the bombers split the home and home.

I got into a long post about this in the Ti-Cat forums, I'll attempt to reiterate it here.

Winnipeg is still in the playoff race, but realistically there are only three doors left to the playoff party, assuming Edmonton continues to falter. Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal, with the Toronto and Hamilton doors are quickly closing.

Calgary and Saskachewan are pretty much clinched. Edmonton has lost the tiebreaker vs both of them and they can't overcome both of them at this point as they play each other once more. One is getting in no matter what at week 18 and the other needs only one win and a Winnipeg and Edmonton loss with eight games left.

It's possible that Winnipeg can crossover at BC's expense, but it's not likely. Not because it's going to require at least 5 wins to do so and BC will need to lose out, but because if somehow Winnipeg wins 5, it will likely be at the expense of one east division teams, who all play each other the last four weeks of the season. I can't see Winnipeg overcoming Calgary, BC and Edmonton twice and not somehow overcoming the rest of the east division a couple of times (although to be fair, I don't see them overcoming Calgary, BC or Edmonton twice, but that's neither here nor there). If Winnipeg rises, it's likely someone in the east has fallen and Winnipeg will squeak past them.

So that leaves you racing Edmonton to over take three teams, and you play them twice. Conversely though, you hold a two game lead over them effectively, since they need to overcome you to cross over. So who does that leave?

Toronto - Remaining Games - @Sask, @Cal, @Edm, Ham, @Ham, @Win, Win, Mont

Toronto might look possible on paper, given Ricky Ray's injury and that they have to deal with Calgary, Saskatchewan, Edmonton and Hamilton without him. However, they have a substantial lead and currently hold the tiebreak vs Winnipeg. It is possible to win it back from them if you beat them twice at the end of the season, but Ricky Ray is expected back in week 16 (I'm expecting 17 because they want him healthy and 100% for the playoffs) just in time to play Winnipeg twice. That's a serious wrench in this plan, never mind that they also have a game vs Edmonton. One loss to the boatmen, and you will need to go 6/7 and have them to lose out, which isn't likely. Take those two games though you are only two games back as it stands right now. Still home@home series tend to split more often then not. I would say it's the least likely to happen.

Hamilton - Remaining Games - @Cal, Mont(TD Atlantic), Cal, @Tor, Tor, @Mont, Mont, @Win

Hamilton has the tiebreak locked down on Winnipeg. To take Hamilton's spot you would need to overtake them. This means getting at least four wins and Hamilton losing out. It is possible, but if Hamilton plays 50/50 football though, you won't get in at the Tabbies expense, even if you win out (which lets be honest, isn't likely). Keep in mind, Hamilton is likely getting one game vs the Argos with no Ricky Ray (possibly two, but we'll see). Also bear in mind we have three games vs Montreal who has three stars on the nine game. Say nothing of the two Calgary games (which will likely be split or a lost) or the season closer vs Winnipeg. The Ti-Cats are still in control of their own destiny, and this route relies less on Winnipeg's performance but Hamilton's lack thereof. Hamilton has an honest shot at topping the division, especially with Ray, Kackert, AC, Richardson and Whitaker all hurt.

which brings us to the real team you want to be gunning for.

Montreal - Remaining Games - @BC, Ham(TD Atlantic), Sask, @Edm, Win, Ham, @Ham, @Tor

Montreal has three tough games ahead of them with their injuries/ Winnipeg is two wins back on the Als right now, and while Winnipeg technically holds the tiebreaker right now on point differential, unless there is a draw in week 16, it's not going to stay that way. This makes that game, extremely crucial for the Bombers. A win in that game means you just need to tie the Als in the standings to make it to the playoffs. Assuming that game as already been played, a win would put you within one of overtaking the Als, and loss would put you four back effectively as it stands right now since you would need to then overtake them. That would pretty much start closing this door. Winnipeg's chances of securing a berth look decent going this route.

So lets look at your games

Winnipeg - Remaining Games @Edm, Edm, BC, @Cal, Mont, Tor, @Tor, Ham

Edmonton is sweepable but I generally feel home@homes are hard to win. BC could go either way, as they've been a terrible away team, but their offence simply has enough tools to get it done and a stellar run defence that will leave Goltz struggling to find receivers. Calgary is a complete write off game for the Bombers unless the Stamps get complacent. Montreal is the game of Winnipeg's life, but I feel without their stars, they will fall, especially in an away game. Toronto will likely split, or Toronto will sweep. There is no doubt Ray will be back for one of these games. Last but not least, Hamilton has had the Bombers' number all season, I don't see much changing here.

So, the Als are completely within striking distance, especially when you consider their next three games are BC, Hamilton, Sask, and your next three are Edmonton, Edmonton, BC. You beat Montreal in week 16 and you are off to the races. So cheer up Bomber fans, you still have an honest shot. We in the Hammer will be doing everything we can to beat the Als to unwittingly make your lives easier. Week 16 though is a must win for your team.

For Winnipeg, the toughest one on the remaining schedule is at Calgary. Bombers have generally stunk there in recent memory, including a butt whuppin last year. BC has struggled playing in Wpg, have generally struggled all year, and the bombers played them tough in BC which should make for an interesting matchup.

The two wild cards in the race are Montreal and Toronto. Both are starting young QBs who are having ups and downs which will cost them a win or two that their usual starting QBs would've put up. That inconsistency makes this race more open than it should be. Montreal particularly is in tough with 3 games down the stretch vs Hamilton who is playing mostly good football right now. I don't envy Collaros and the Argos having to play the Riders next week as they may come out extra ornery after the Banjo bowl loss.

If, and that's a big if, Winnipeg manages to go on a bit of a run and win 3-4 of the next 5, that home and home vs Toronto may be huge in determining which of the clubs may get into the playoffs in the east. The main thing is the bombers need to come out with a defensive effort like they had in the Banjo bowl and first half of the labour day game on every down the rest of the season. If the offense manages to just match what it did in the first half of the labour day game and second half of the banjo bowl consistently over the course of a full game, this team can win a few more games. The problem is we've been looking for that for all season and we're only starting to see it emerge in weeks 9 and 10, so can we keep it going the rest of the season? Stay tuned.

Quoting myself from my first post here from the beginning of September....
I still feel the same way, perhaps even more so.
This Bomber team is terrible!
I suspect the remainder of the games this season will be humiliating losses for the Blue Bombers.
GO BLUE BOMBERS!!!! .....(please GO, go away!)

Great , we know . Still not sure what your point is ? We know your a troll and probably just old enough to use a computer , probably need help from ,Mom and Dad turning it on !