Wrightly or Wrongly

With all stories pointing towards the ousting of the commish, perhaps it is time to start nominating other candidates?

I would place a vote for the King of all Media to balance the power and make the right decisions. Heck, he'll have a head start on the broadcasting challenges. And the entertainment packages he could put together for the teams in the League...second to none.

Play Safe.


excellent first post....... :roll:

You can put your arm back on. Wright can't. So he's gotta play safe.

King of all Media?

You're nominating Howard Stern for Commissioner of the CFL???

It's a moot point for now.

Wright is still commish til end of year.


Play Safe!


i dont get it who did u nominate?

I don't know how much he knows about football per se, but if I needed a "take charge/no-nonsense" commissioner right now who can unite all the owners, I'd not think twice about hiring Dr. Murray McQuigge who was the Medical Officer of Health who threw caution to the wind in the Walkerton tainted water case and brought forward the abuses by the "old boys club" that existed in that town....

Not all our commissioners have had football experience and seem to be hired according to their organizational and people skills......Dr. McQuigge would be worth a look by the BOG.....

just a suggestion is all.... (I didn't just pick the name out of the air by the way....I was fascinated by this guy at the inquiry and have followed his career from his days in Nova Scotia)........Google him and read up.....the guy is awesome!


I Still Want the Job :slight_smile:

Poor Tom, I think he got kind of ripped off. The BOG expects all these changes that only strong leadership can provide, yet they consistently hamstrung the commish precisely so he could never exercise that leadership.

Tom should go streaking at tomorrow night's game. What are they gonna do, fire him? It'd be the best yuck of the year.

I nominate Steve Smith, no not the football player, Red Green of course!

My money is on David Braley as the next commish. The league is probably waiting for him to finalize the sale of the B.C. Lions and the job will be all his.



How about Jim 'the hammer' Shapiro?

In his mind he always was the commish.

I'm not a huge David Braley fan, you need to find someone like our own caretaker - "a marketing genius".

There is one truism about the CFL when the guessing game gets started about who will be the next commish.

Everybody is wrong. No one in media picked up on Larry Smith or Lysko or Wright.

So for your own sanity, ignore any media speculation about potential candidates. If you don't, your brain will explode.

You have been a good supporter of our league and T.W. … Steve

We have lost this battle … to save Wright … just like many fans … lost their 'Gades

…as long as we can rid the CFL of Braley (and his ilk) we can still feel good

We are gonna need help … but all good things do

Shame on David Braley

Thanks for trying, Tom Wright


The CFL needs to hire someone like a Bob Young type - someone who has been successful in business. Preferably someone who has taken a struggling business and made it a success. Someone that has business connections that can attract corporate sponsorhip, and ownership interest and yes a marketing genius.

It's time to look south of the border as well as in Canada for a successful person and they will have to pay the big bucks to attract someone decent.
We don't need mediators, lawyers, socialworkers etc to run this league.

Goodbye Tom Wright, hello the Honourable Norman L. Kwong, CM, AOE.