Wright To Head UFC Office In Toronto

This article on tsn.ca reports that former CFL Commissioner Tom Wright will head a new Toronto office for the UFC:


That's great!!!
We do live in one of the most wimpiest places on earth...............our Liberal government won't sanction this sport....lol they might hurt each other. The same place where you can't buy beer in a grocery store .......because we can't be trusted with liquor we might abuse it!!!

The UFC is buying Tom Wright's good reputation.
Unfortunately the appointment will end that.
Is this street fighting abomination the best he can do? :thdn:

Let me see, I can go out and buy a gun and kill animals legally in this province for fun not even for food. But I can't go and watch a sport that is simply a mix of boxing, martial arts and wresting? What a province. I think I'll go out and get me that gun soon.


Right on again Earl ...once when I was in Windsor at a dinner with many Italians, we feasted on moose! It was awesome! :thup:

Where I grew up and still in IN and many other states, most hunters hunt for FOOD not for "sport" as I abhor. And when we went fishing, we ate our catch unless it was a small fish go figure unlike most places where folks throw back the fish. To this day I can't stand that either I want some good eatin' if it is from clean waters!

The hunters who hunt for bloodsport give the rest of us a bad name no doubt, and I am not talking merely in that regard about that comparatively small but vocal crowd of ultra-vegan whackjobs and their vegetable churches in the land of nuts and fruits like California either.

Wow. Even in far more conservative places and states like IN and VA in the US one can buy beer in grocery stores and even cold in at least VA,NV,MO, and CO. Go figure. See the new liquor and and the slow time beer posts in the off topic threads too.

You guys should take a look at the other side of the argument. Even micro-brews (the Ontario Craft-brewers Assoc.) lobby's to keep the controlled beer and liquor stores. It's far more efficient on a number of levels and allows smaller brewers to get a crack at the market. Do you really think the Esso On-the-Run or 7-Eleven would take a chance at buying Mill Street? Not a chance.

So, if you really like Bud Light by the crateful, fragmented recycling programs and more expensive control and monitoring, then you'd definitely enjoy a deregulated booze distribution.