Wright to adress the media today

What will he say?

I’d be very surprised if he accepted the offer as it is.

I’d be happy though. We need him.

Why do we “need him” if the BOG deems he is not doing the job he should be doing? Yes, I don’t want to lose any sponsors over this issue but, heck, maybe he’s just not that good of a commissioner, maybe it wasn’t Wright who has turned the league around and maybe he botched the Ottawa situation. We don’t have all the info we need to have to make an informed decision on this. Let the BOG do their job. Remember, this is the CFL which isn’t a monopoly like the NFL where anyone who can spell his name could be commissioner with the American TV contracts laid on their lap there, we don’t have the luxury of big tv dollars and our commissioner actually has to work to get sponsors etc. to cover for small tv money here.

if he demands 100% control we have to let him go. i hate to say that because i think he played a huge role turning this league around and he could still do a lot of good things. however a dictatorship is not what we want. i think a one vote per team democracy should be the way the league is run and there should probably some exception such as if your team has been bailed out in the last three years and the cfl/other teams have not been reimbursed you forfeit your voting rights.

…I think at the Media Conference today, Tom Wright will confirm his decision to remain at the helm of the Canadian Football League as its 11th Commissioner, and accept a new agreement with the CFL’s Board of Governors that will extend his tenure through the end of 2006…

…He’;ll probably say something like “I am pleased to announce my intent to continue as Commissioner of the CFL. The League has progressed significantly over the past three years and I am proud of its performance. As I look at the state of our League and our game today, I applaud the performances of our organizations across the CFL. But we are by no means at the end of the journey. I very much look forward to working with the Board of Governors and Club leadership to build a better League for Canadian football fans everywhere.â€?..

…the CFL will repsond by saying somthing like “We are delighted that the Commissioner has made this decision,â€?..maybe by Tom Robinson, Chairman of the CFL’s Board of Governors…he might go on to say “This League is in a much better position as a result of Tom’s leadership. We have confidence in his plan and look forward to working with him to move our businesses forward.â€? …


:) nice

RedandWhite, you are a God. What will this week 6/49 lottery numbers be?

A good Job is not 4 powerhouses, 4 bottom feeders and a 50/50 team. Time for some new blood.

FYI : Anybody can predict the outcome of games in the CFL. Most match up’s in this league are unbalanced.

The BC/Tor match up… Already answered
The Mont/Edm match up… Already answered
The Bombers/Anybody match up… Already Answered (ooch)

funny how Mont…Lions…and …Ham. all privately owned franchises… don’t want Tom Wright as commish…could it be he will try to press hard for a salary cap…and actually enforce it…Tom staying around for another term will keep this league balanced…and keep it moving forward… :arrow:

I’m glad they kept Wright.
Good analysis Papazoola, if we could be a fly on the wall in those board meetings, your angle probably has some merit!

…'pegger, the teams that are powerhouses now weren’t so 5 years ago, the teams that are bottomfeeders now weren’t so five years ago…and it was reversed again before that, and will reverse again as time goes on…what would you have? all nine teams team finishing 9-9 for the season?..whoopee, why even play?..

Yeah, at 9-9 Everyone besides the Rider fans would be planning Grey Cup parades!

Hell, Sportsman, if everyone was 9-9, Rider fans would probably want to move the Cup’s permanent residence from Hamilton to Regina. But it aint gonna happen.

This salary cap idea is a joke. The CFL is not the NHL where the NHL players are making millions and need a cap. So just because Winnipeg Ottawa or Hamiltion don’t put competitive teams on the field they want to be sore losers and bring all the good teams down to their level. Who wants every team in the CFL to be mediocre or worse? not me!!. A salary cap will drive down the quality of play and will not attract players to play in the CFL. The CFL salaries are already low as it is, where is the players incentive to hang around. I don’t want to see 9 mediocre teams that are all the same. This salary cap idea won’t fly. If it does and the quality of play on the field suffers you can kiss a lot of fans goodbye, including me. Teams go up and down that is natural you don’t need a salary cap. Sounds to me like some CHEAP owners don’t want to pay a player what he is worth. I have an idea why don’t those teams who want a cap FIND other sources of REVENUE!!

Sounds like BCCFLFAN wants ottawa to fold again amd possibly a couple of other teams too.