Wright not seeking contract extension

He will. I doubt he wants to leave the post with his only real disappointment not corrected.

I believe it is a mistake to get rid of Wright and I can only hope that the new commissioner can do an equally good job.

But it does go to show you why we need more franchises in the CFL. To water down the influence of the 'bad apple' owners.

I guess the next couple of years we will see the dark ages of the CFL, with no light in sight until the BOG wakes up and stops being a bunch of idiots

You have been a good supporter of our league and T.W. … Steve

We have lost this battle … to save Wright … just like many fans … lost their 'Gades

…as long as we can rid the CFL of Braley (and his ilk) we can still feel good

We are gonna need help … but all good things do

Shame on David Braley

Thanks for trying, Tom Wright

as a small market community owned team fan, i personally fear that when a big shift in this league's management occurs the less profitable teams will really suffer. teams like sask and the peg. whom would have been back in the red if the league would have had to prop up ottawa. with the owners basically running the show, obviously the more powerful owners will be able to puppeteer this leage in their favor. with out wright there to continue the fight for a hard cap i really don' see anyone else carrying it out. and that will pick away at us small marketers.

the cfl really needs to use the nfl as a buisness model in my opion.

They need a yes man, and I can say YES YES YES YES to 400K a year!!!!

Good job Tom and thanks for your excellent service, the CFL is probably one of the most difficult leagues to run in North America simply because we don't have huge TV contracts that fall in our lap, like the NFL. And, of course, we are dealing with a small populated country with teams spread out far and wide, a very difficult job to do.

Oh man, you beat me to the punch… I was going to say that too! :wink:

God help us! With Bettman in command, the Referee’s will be instructed to call 10 times more penalties. :x :x :x

I hope he reconsiters, cuz right now, his succesors aren't very good, but getting a player to do the job wouldn't be a bad idea.

He most likely won't reconsider, if the word around the campfire is true that he wasn't going to be considered for an extension, this is probably a way to leave him with a bit of dignity.

Short of the guys here campaigning for the "yes man" job, really, who would take the job and even attempt to take it seriously?

In the wake of the decision by Tom Wright to step down I’m already hearing names of some possible replacements, the most notable being current Argos president Keith Pelley and Michael Copeland, who is already with the CFL as its chief operating officer…

  • Ed Tait of The Winnipeg Free Press -

Wright is a class act all the way ... taking the high road by announcing he will step down. All along he has been a class act like this. Since I've been old enough to follow the CFL - more than just cheering for my team - I would say Tom Wright is the best commish I've seen (first commish I "remember" is Larry Smith). The one spot on his record is Ottawa, and that wasn't even really his fault. He was simply the fall guy, really. I'll miss Wright ... the next guy is gonna have a really tough act to follow. I too hope that the board of idiots brings in a strong replacement, not just a yes-man, and not an idiot who's going to run the League into the ground ... It would be nice to have a strong commish, with enough owners behind him, who has the power to do what is needed ... A commish that can put his stamp on the League, grow the League, stay in the head office for a long time ... (10 years?) I'm really worried that the next commish will take us a step back. Hopefully he'll bring us forward instead.

Keith Pelley has repeatedly said he's not interested --- most recently yesterday on McCown's show.

Certain on BOG won't want one of Wright's men as next commish.

For that matter, curious to see how many others leave with Wright.