Wright not seeking contract extension

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I always thought Wright was a good commissioner. Save for Ottawa, the league has grown over the last couple of years. All the games are televised, there are strong owners in Hamilton, Toronto, and B.C.. Both instant replay and a salary management system have been installed.

Hopefully his replacement will be just as good as him and will continue the successes of Tom Wright.

Maybe Paul Tagialabue this is his last season as NFL commisioner. Tom Wright has done a pretty good job, but i think it was his time to step down. If he couldn't convince Ottawa to stay in the league this season what good is he. Time for fresh blood. Doug Flutie

I agree Roughy. He has done a lot of good things. But can you blame him for not looking elsewhere? Braely and Wetenhall had the crosshairs on the commish the last couple of years.

Thanks Tom for re-building the CFL back to respectability! Good luck on your career search!

I agree. If you take away the Ottawa situation (which I believe is not totally his fault), he has done a pretty good job.

I think this will be a big mistake. Tom has done a great job.

Now we just need a commish that can do a good job and stay as the commish for a longer period of time, the league needs some stability in the front office. With that being said Wright did a fine job.

Wright apparently indicated in his press conference that he will be very "bullish" in making sure Ottawa is set once again before leaving.

I agree totally…good commish all in all. The CFL needs a good commish that the selfish owners will get behind. I am sick and tired of the Braleys of the league looking out for themselves

He's the best thing to hapen to the CFL since Doug Flutie

I would think that a “yes” man will be put in place , and that is bad news for the CFL. Maybe Hugh Campbell should be named commish, he is basically that already without the official title :lol:


But I don't blame him at all.
[even for OTTAWA]

I wish we could replace the BOG.

GOOD LUCK finding a great replacment. Not many are going to want to be the CFL's BOG rubber stamp and YES man.

I hear Bettman is looking for a new challenge :twisted:

I think we all know what happened here. He was left with 2 choices to make either resign or be pushed out from the powers to be in the CFL. Its sad to see, I wonder if the "Cap" and I use that word loosely will be in effect next season and the penalties.

This just goes to show that the Commish doesn't run the league, its the BoG. Guys like Braley & Wettenhall are the ones where are keeping this league from being really special. All Wright has done in his tenure is ressurect 2 franchises from the grave (Hamilton and Toronto), get more exposure across Canada, have all the games televised and have increased attendance across the board. Sure, Ottawa will be a thorn in his side by bringing back the Gliebermans, but then again, didn't the BoG approve the sale to them? If so, they have to look themselves in the face and accept some of the blame. :x

I agree sambo. That’s exactly what will happen IMO. Tom Wright simply took the high road and announced his retirement when everyone knew his contract was not going to be extended. The Board Of Morons have always wanted him out. Ottawa wasn’t his fault, and he has definetly done many good things for the league. Unfortunately the B.O.M.'s don’t like other people stealing their thunder and they will put a yes man in there and I fear the league will start to backslide down the hill. I hope I’m wrong, but…does ANYONE trust the owners??

I find the majority of the owners are trustworthy. Its just those 2 bad apples on opposite ends of the country that prove to be the problem. I just hope they don't totally shoot themselves in the foot and enlist someone like Lonie to take over the role of commish.

too bad, he did a good job, I am sure the next guy will be just as good for the league..

I have to agree! I would look at bringing in Ron Rooke! He did a great job in Calgary with Marketing during those tough times with the Box king! He had sell outs when the team was in last place. Has been in the football business for sometime.

Braley had the crosshairs on him since Day One.

As interim commish then, he tried sabotaging media conference to announce Wright because he had lined up his own candidate.

Couple of things.

The media conference was desribed as "hastily-called."

By who? Wright or BOG?

TW knew mths ago he didn't have support to be given extension or new contract.

I have hard time believing that he voluntarily made this decision public now knowing that it would prove a distraction for rest of season.

What I'm watching is to see whether Braley and Wetenhall have their own puppet with reduced powers and a new title all ready to go?

Or will others of BOG want to give this a thorough look-see.

There won't be any shortage of interested candidates.

But I can also say that inevitably all the names that will be tossed out by media will be wrong.

Wright did good overall with what and who he had to work with.

It would only be fitting that his final major accomplishment is when he announces return of CFL to Ottawa. :thup: :rockin: