Wrapping up 1st place is not without its problems

Calgary has wrapped up 1st place in the West. The team has also earned the right to host the Western Final. Now what?

Calgary plays SSK, Winnipeg and the Lions to close out the season. SSK may still be vying for 2nd spot and home field advantage. Winnipeg's players will be playing to keep their jobs. The Lions may still be playing for a cross over position depending on how the Eastern teams do.

It will be interesting to see what Calgary's coaching staff does during the next 3 games. Will the coaches rest their starters as much as possible to avoid injury? Will the team be told to play conservatively? How do you keep your starters focussed and tuned-up without playing them? How do you tell your players to ease up on the pedal until post-season? How do you make sure the fans get their money's worth.

As a team you don't want to ease up too much because you could end up losing 3 games in a row. You certainly don't want to end the season on a losing note. Follow that up with a bye in post-season and the team might end up doubting itself.

Wrapping up top spot in the west has its rewards but doing it a month before the season is over has its challenges as well. Like I say, it's going to be interesting to see how Calgary's coaching staff approach this interesting situation.

Agree beagle with what you're saying. Sometimes, and this could be the case, you better watch what you wish for.

Other teams would love to have Calgary's problem instead of desperately trying to win every game. Losing a meaningless game might be advantageous for Calgary. Two previous champions lost games in October of 2012 and 2013.

I would think Huff learned from last year, when several injuries to starters occurred, that could have easily been prevented by resting players, that Huff rests players after the 1st half or even 1st quarter when they have the lead. Now is the time to give reps to the guys who you might need to take over due to injury in the big game.

10 bucks says that Drew Tate will get hurt before the playoffs even start... Well anyways.. The Stamps had a bye week last week and will have a bye week for the first round. I see no harm in playing them quite often during the next 3 weeks. Maybe give the starters next week off, but then play them for the final 2 weeks of the season.. I think Cornish should be kept off the field for two weeks though since he is probably still a little banged up. With Mitchell, you have to keep playing him in My opinion. Let him play the first half for all three games.. And then the whole game for the final game. Mitchell looks a little off,he threw a few bad INTs. He needs the reps.

Well, you can't sit all of your starters unfortunately, so yeah, guys are going to play and statistically speaking someone will get dinged up...hopefully not too bad. IMO the struggle is keeping the team motivated to play, because when you let up and are not focused that is when injuries can pike up. Rotate the linemen for days off, play Drew 1/2 of each game and Moniz much of the rest, play Cornish about the same or less. That way if anyone gets dinged in those key spots there is someone that has been playing to step in, and guys don't get cold from sitting.