Wrapping 'em up

Very frustrating watching Sanchez and Hyland not wrapping the ball carrier up for tackles, and Phillips floating around, waiting for somebody else to make the hit. Still lot's of good stuff. Always a Lion !

Yes, the Lions' secondary looked pretty poor early in that game.

I'd be more concerned, however, at QB.

Lulay gets lots of love from the commentators/announcers/beat reporters, but let's face it, BC wins that game if Lulay hadn't overthrown open receivers on multiple occasions.

Not saying he's a bad QB mind you, but just asking that folks be a little realistic. . . he cost the team this one.

Are you friggin’ serious??? Lulay played a great game. To say that not hitting the open receiver was his fault is a bit of a stretch - on a few plays it clearly looks like the receiver ran the wrong route!

Back to you putting the blame squarely on Travis... 1st and goal from the 2 - was Travis on the field to take that sack? Nope. Do you think Travis made the call to put Jackson in? Nope. Do you think Travis decided to kick a field goal on 3rd and 5 with under two minutes to go? Nope.

You're right MadJack, the loss is squarely on Mr. Lulay's shoulders.

Totaly agree RTK :thup:

well ya know, of course it is TLs fault, because he didnt get 100% completion with not sacks. Hot damn, of course it the QBs fault when that happens :cowboy:

Have to disagree with you on this one, MJ. Lulay, in his first full season as a starter, torched the Als at home for over 350 yards passing. He looked great in the pocket, his mechanics were sound, and he was able to check down if his first read wasn't there. Sure, he overthrew a few receivers in the end zone -- what QB doesn't? I don't think he cost BC the game. If anything, the Als' offense almost cost us the game with predictable second-half playcalling and poor execution (the McPherson short-yardage fumble). And then there was our special teams getting burned for a TD yet again.

As the considered weight of opinion is against me, I respectfully withdraw my comments.

To me it was a TEAM loss. The D let a lot of points in during the first half and the offense didn't get going until near the end of the second half. To me, its very rare that a single person costs the team a win. If a player is that bad, its up to the coach to yank them or the rest of the team to step up and make up for that person.


I do think, however the line play might again be an achilles heel. Our O-Line did a passable job, however great teams' O-Lines dominate the opposition. The D-Line on the other hand did as good as they could rushing so few. Any QB can pick apart a Defence without any pressure on them regardless of how good the secondary is. Either blitz more or have four down lineman coming at the QB. This 30 defence isnt going to get us far without pressure.