So I checked out the roster and found we only have 7 receivers on the roster. I was also happy to see we have Ivan Birungi from Acadia on the roster. He could be a really good one. I'm hoping Fleming gets a shot this year. D.J. Flick I think you gotta keep him. Morreale..bye bye sorry everyone he's had his time. Brock Ralph who you may call me crazy but is the most talented of the bunch and hoping has a huge year. The other guys I know very little about Davon Fowlkes and Nate Curry. I know Fowlkes played a bit for us last year but I don't recall him being anything special. I'm sure we'll find a couple guys in TC. Also briefly on the DE we have Steve Josue and AC, which I think could be pretty good. I also like Nattiel and Moreno at LB.

I completely agree with you that Brock Ralph is very talented and I'm glad to see you agree.

I think Brock is huge under the gun this year to step up and play like a top Non-Import receiver.
I think the team had hoped for much better numbers out of Ralph last year, but it is hard to hold anyone accountable last year.
He quietly had a solid season.

Lets see what Brock can do this year.

If his numbers do not come closer to 55 catches and 700 yards, 6 TD it would be a disappointment.

Lets hope he can be a leader this season, and become a good 2nd-3rd option for our QB whoever he may be!

And Lindsey, is their a Ralph after your name or is he just your favorite Ti Cat...we don't need to know, just kidding!

What ever happened to Willie Quinnie .... speed plus a return guy


fumbles guy too....