WR - Who stays?????

So after reading the article about the WR's who stays and who goes????

Ralph and Morreale both have a spot locked up. I think Bouman will stick around and Getzlaf will go to the practice roster for depth. He should get some playing time this year.

As for the imports I think JoJo hangs around as does Alston and Gardner. With Nate Curry in the mix as well. The rest of the guys will be fighting for one or two spots on the practice roster.

Friday night should be an interesting competition.

Your thoughts......

Pretty good abservation. As far as Im concerned, Ralph really has to prove himself this year in order to fill Griggs shoes. I know that all our recievers had a sub-par season last year, but what can you do?

IMHO MM will be at least a backup/5th reciever. I don`t know enough about the new guys to form an opinion of them yet. Curry and JoJo made an impression on me, but they need some "seasoning" before they will be a great threat.

NonImport Locks:

Import Locks:

Will Make It As Our Kick Returner:

On The Bubble/Maybe Practice Roster Bound:


I agree that Walker will be our primary kick returner. Hence the release of Fowlkes. Do you think Arsenaux sticks around because of his relationship with Chang?

I think I will Wait till I see the game Friday
I hope Gardner has great Game.
He needs too
This has best camp we had in 5 years.
The Competition has been Great at All Spots not Just WR/SB

Thanks Marcel.

I expect Friday's game will be a much tougher test for the team as a whole because the bulk of the Bombers' starters will be playing. I want to get to that game before I start anointing anyone in the receiving corps from this armchair (except that Morreale and Ralph are locks, I would agree). :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Good call Oski oui oui. If Gardner and Arsenaux have great games and Curry and Walker stink the joint up. Things could change very quickly.

Do you think Chang gives his buddy Arsenaux a few more opportunities this week?

No I think if Timmy dose get into the game
He will throw what Charlie Tells him too.
IF he said Throw a 15 year out to Bauman
Then Timmy will Do Just that
Now if Bauman is Covered then
Timmy will Follow his Progression
Do what is need Run or Pass to Gain Yards.

I doubt Ford will be cut, he is probably our fastest receiver, I'd go with Alston and Gardner to be cut.

Witherspoon and Ford did a lot more in the first pre-season game then Alston or Arsenaux did. I don't understand your logic at all.

I suspect that in4td's list is pretty close to what will be the final list.

But, I'm starting to get a little concerned about the future of our whole passing game.

sigpig says that all our receivers had sub-par seasons last year. This is true.
In another thread we find that Desjardins says Maas had multiple injuries last year, and is at about 90% this year.
Now, we can argue if last year's problems were due to Maas, or the receivers, or the play-calling. Whatever, it has to be much better this year.

It bothers me to think that, in Maas, we may not have a QB who is 100%. Can you say, "Here we go again?"

If Maas is in and the passing game doesn't work, who gets the blame? That just doesn't sound like a formula for success.

I have a feeling that his mention about 90% ready, is a hint of something to come. I'll stay tuned for more on this front.

Maybe we could all just wait and see what Maas does early this year before passing judgment on him.

Many of you seem to forget that even with the horrible year Maas has last season he still threw for over 3000 yards and completed over 60% of his passes.

Stop obsessing.. the guy is human. What about the 1-17 season a proven guy like Danny Mac gave us? Maas did 3 wins better in his worst season ever.

Yes and they were shut out in how many games last year? Or struggled to score even 10 points in how many games? Also Maas's deep throws had more hang time than a Bob Cameron punt. And you can blame it all on Joe if you want, but he has been an o.c in this league for 20 years and never had an offence that brutal.

and 3000 yards? That's about 150 yards a game lol, that's not good and what was his yards per completion? Probably around 3 yards.

I think you have to give serious consideration to Ford, he is new to camp and just picking up the playbook, but, from what I saw at practice on Sunday Ford has shown ample enough skill to stick around.

Gardner is a big puzzle to me. Sunday's practice he just loafed around, took in some drills sat by and didn't take other drills. Coach Goldman had them lined up and was explaining coverages and he was not even paying attention. He got jammed by Pitts on one pass route and did this lazy "oh my shoulder" type of thing and walked back to the huddle.

Now I don't know the guy personally and I have nothing against him, but, from what I saw I was confused. If he is hurt, why was he in the contact drills? If he isn't hurt why is nobody on him for his lazy attitude? Has anbody else at practice noticed this?

Gardner better have one hell of a game on Friday if he wants to stick around IMO. On Sunday I could have swore he was Chris Brazzell by the way he was acting (as Brazzell did much the same thing in camp)

If what I saw Sunday is any indication...he's in trouble.

obsess much?

Just a note about health percentages...depends on the point of reference being used. Players are starting to get nicked up in camp (Bauman with a groin problem as an example). Players often play with some pain just because of the nature of the sport.

I assume the -10% is for an "upper body" injury this board has gone on quite a bit about.

Maas has been throwing the old ball (!) with increased velocity and zip during training camp.

Joe Namath at 70% with two shot knees still gave defensive coordinators panic attacks...if Maas's 90% means he can play at the kind of level he has displayed previously in Edmonton and remain fully functional, I would be more than comfortable with that.

Maas's "90%" is 568.5% percent better than the 100% of Billy Dicken. :smiley: :wink:


Jason might surprise ye. If not, the Butler will do it or SOCK!...Hawaiian Punch! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

well said :slight_smile:

Ford is an interesting arguement. I only saw a bit of what he is able to do in Winnepeg but he did look like he has some speed. I guess we'll see on Friday

-Alston won't be cut because he was a big part of the Goss trade. Plus, from all I have read, he is having a good camp. And he demonstrated in the NFL and with the Eskimos last year that he can be an effective receiver and kick returner. I think Alston will really stand out in the next exhibition game if he starts and Maas is throwing to him.

-Arsenaux is a great athlete who can return kicks, as well as play receiver and DB. So he would give us quality depth at 3 different positions in case of injury. I may be wrong about him being selected over a guy like Gardner or Ford (especially because Gardiner has been in camp longer than Arsenaux, and Ford, who apparently has good speed, played well in the first exhibition game), but Arsenaux could be a very useful utility player. Again, the next exhibition game may determine if Arsenaux stays or goes.