WR Cary Koch @ Eskimos FA


Cary Koch will be a great addition to the Eskie offense; I like it :thup:

I'm curious what Riders fans think of him.

One of the hardest working guys on the field at all time, a little small and slow, but he seems to find a way to get open. Not a starter or even top3-4, but would make a good 5th guy I'm thinking on your team.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/eskimos-land-free-agent-defensive-tackle]http://www.esks.com/article/eskimos-lan ... ive-tackle[/url]

Here's the second signing; DT - Don Oramasionwu from the Bombers...Skookum :rockin:


Contract awaits WR Greg Carr.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/esks-dip-into-the-free-agent-pool-for-receiver]http://www.esks.com/article/esks-dip-in ... r-receiver[/url]

Done deal; Eskies have Big Greg Carr.

Eskies Brass really wanted Labatte to sign here before FA began but no can do, so they offered $13,000 more to Greg Carr for him to sign in Edmonton. That's fine and dandy; thus from my understanding has created an Import/Non Import ratio problem. However, there still is a chance to get Greg Peach to sign; wait and see now moving forward.

You got a good one. :thup: underrated dude.


Burke Dales signing coming on Monday; A Wilbur trade in the near future?

Sounds good to me. :thup: I look forward to seeing him on the field.

I for one feel that Edmonton took care of their needs/wants in the Free Agency pool on the players who were signed, thus will fit in and above all; Cary Koch, Greg Carr, Don Oramasionwu are happy to be an Eskimo.

Were I to be an Edmonton fan (which I will be for Saturday 30 June !!), I'd be concerned about that defence now.

Eskimos have lost Stubler, Davis, Peach, and Restelli.

Will be very interesting to see what kind of a defensive scheme Nelson plans to run this year. With one DT added and two LBs plus one hybrid DE/LB gone via F/A, I expect he'll run mainly a 4/3; not sure the team has the right personnel to run an effective 3/4 anymore. After Sherrit, Hill, and Munoz, who would be the fourth LB ?

Well, maybe ET has found a gem who will burst on the scene like Sherrit did last season.

With WR - Matt Carter now signed in Edmonton MadJack; I would say it's time to move on to a future thread at some point.
Mark Nelsons 4/3 D schemes; Looking foward to it to say the least.

Koch has good hands. Tough kid. Not scared to take a hit.


Looking forward to see Cary Koch in an Eskie uniform. :smiley: