WQhat is going on with Joesph RiderLand

Its close to the deadline, does everyone know when he has to sign with the NFL and if he is staying or coming back to Regina. We need him in the CFL, hes important to the leaque.



I believe the deadline was mid Feb. Regardless though Joseph did not recieve an offer.

Spyder... :lol:

NFL free agency starts tomorrow night.

nqo wqay dqoes jqoseph mqake iqt iqn tqhe NQFL

I was told people in BC were ignorant and your one of them, I will never go to BC to a game because of poeple like you

Maybe I should post your remark to the CFL Commissioner, TSN cfl panel, fan 590 etc. or your Bratt who is decent and like sthe CFL and treats people with respect which you don`t.

         Excuse me, I'm an ignorant, rude person.

Spyder, simmer. There was nothing really offensive about FYB’s post. There’s no need to call him rude and ignorant, which is a bit redundant…

Calling someone ignorant and rude is not treating them with respect!
You have to give it to get it!

Responding to a PM when someone asks you a question would be a good place to start!

well little boy, you clearly have no sense of humour. He who cannot laugh at himself is truly pathetic

its kinda obviuos that you guys need him cause without them you guys are screwed

....forming an opinion from the opinion of another without verifying the validity of the other's opinion, well, that's just ignorant...

...anyways, back on subject, Joseph will be back which must make all the rider fans breathe a sigh of relief for without him at pivot your season would be in the crapper, my opinion...

By "you guys", I assume you mean Rider Fans.
By "him", I assume you mean Joseph
By "them", I am not sure who you mean but I will assume that "them" means Joseph again because I don't know any better I guess.

So you said. . . It is obvious Rider Fans need Joseph cuz' without him Rider fans are screwed.

Where is your proof?
How do you know Rider fans are screwed?
What are you basing this theory on?

We need him BECAUSE we are screwed WITHOUT him. That is a fine example of saying something without really saying anything.

Crandall FTW!


oh hush

tee hee