WPG vs Sask

Man I can't wait! :rockin:
3 days to go :rockin:

I keep coming on here, looking for some trash talk by Rider fans, and there's nothing! Come on, where are all you guys? Stocking up at the LC? :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of the trash talkers don't live here much anymore....they're the type who usually resurface only when they have some whining to do.....the rest of us are pretty moderate, it seems.....with a few notable exceptions, of course.....

I'm looking forward to a great game, regardless of the outcome.

The LC is the Liquer Commission, where you buy your hard stuff in Manitoba. I guess you guys don't need a store, everyone brews their own moonshine! :wink:

Nothing wrong with a little trash talk, after all that is what this week is about!

I'm looking forward to a great game(s) too, but I can honestly say the outcome DOES matter!

lol - ours is generally called the LBS around here.....

The outcome doesn't matter to me.....I don't play for the team, so it's just another game - but one I look forward to watching every year. It'll be a good one - the Riders are due for a loss any day now.....

Sheesh I feel like I should trash both places for even having a LC or LBS :lol:

I'm glad it's not on Friday so I can watch it! Should be a great, great game!

Look for two picks from Joseph and one fumble.

Winni by 3.

I don't know about the picks....I mean I would love that, but our secondary couldn't catch a ball if Joseph threw it right at them!

The fumble on the other hand....

Well you see, our beerstores sell so much beer there isn't room for the hardstuff. We would need a Wal-Mart sized all purpose alcohol store!

jm, what are you talking about? :lol:

We all know the Riders will win!!!!

...speaking of WalMart...i see the one in Garden City in the Peg is going to be open for 24 hrs. a day ...round the clock shopping.. cept Sun.....first one in Canada....now IF they could sell some beverages of the liquor variety...that would suit me fine..... :wink:

the Labour Day game should give each club a good indication of how much ability and character each one has...bring it on....it's going to be a gooder... :rockin:

I say the Riders will win by 7+ pts this week, as this game is the more anticipated LD games in recent memory. The next two games you can basically treat as GC previews. Just remember to bring Troy so us Rider fans can do a El Kabong with a banjo over his head.... :wink: :lol: :lol:

Trouble is with trash tallking is, that if your team loses, you end up with your tail between your legs, eating humble pie.

Thats why my moderate approach is to talk football, cheer your team when they win, and shake your head when they lose. And most times you don't have to wipe egg from your face.....just my two cents worth.

...i think Troy has already been 'kabonged' sambo....he might tag along with the team but his leg is still giving him problems...maybe his head as well...he might have a banjo with him ...so he can ward off a few watermelons chucked his way....plunk ...plunk ....plunk... :lol:

His latest qoute:

Reporter: “Troy, are you worried about what the fans in Regina will yell at you?”

Westwood: “Well, not really, seeing as how they can only string together 3 letter words…”

Another classic to the collection! :thup:

That’s only if you are doing some bold, cocky trash talkin (like some BC fans :wink: )

I’m just pumped about this game, and gotta let some emotion out!

We should find Troy a job colour commenting on one of the networks! :wink: :wink:

I hate pie.

This should definitely be a great game (of course, it'll take a back seat to my Esks :stuck_out_tongue:). And I like what the CFL did with the homepage. :slight_smile:

I agree next season Troy should do Colour for all the CFL games on the CBC, that’s where he‘d be most useful.

But, will they make him get a haircut?