WPG vs Ham

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Cats have had a brutal 2 games as far as defence is concerned. Is this the game they figure it out? On the other hand, WPG has not been great offensively, is this the game they figure it out?

A strong D and weak O vs a weak D and strong O
It was meant to be..... :smiley:

Time to take sole possession of 1st in the East!! :rockin:

Go Bombers Go!

This s one of those games where the contrasting strengths could make it a really fun game. Or an ugly one. Looking forward to it.

So I guess what yer saying in other words :roll: :roll: It could get FUGLY !!!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :rockin:

Watch out for our new rookie Dlinemen (as if our Dline wasn't already strong). Anderson had a great coming out party last week against Montreal, recording 2 sacks, and Dexter Davis makes his first start. Anderson is a beast, and Davis has major speed for the edge. Being down our 2 starting DT's hurts, but I'm excited to see what these 2 can do! :thup:

Hamilton gets Giggy with it.... Boom baby!!

7-0 Cats

I just hope for an entertaining game!!


Congrats to TiCats for that lucrative naming deal! Huge sponsor of the CFL putting big money down!!

This is pathetic! Crowton has to go.

I’m a bit behind watching on PVR (was watching the Toronto Indy). That’s the second botched missed point I’ve seen lately.

I don't understand why the officials let Burke pick up the flag, and then Hamilton gets stuck in the midst of a change and gets too many men. Spot of the ball isn't something you can challenge and it's been that way since replay came into the league. No harm came as Palardy hit the post and no points were scored, but that should be a delay of game penalty.

What's up with these PI's on defenders going for the ball? This one was even weaker than the other day. If this is how the league is going to be calling it this year, fine, but keep it consistent is all I ask.
Kudos to the cats D for playing abetter game, outside of the big Simpson run.
Did you see Austin on the sidelines embarrassed by Burke's cheeky move to do the hurry up after a challenge and catch the Cats napping. Something Peyton Manning would do.
Cory Watson showing once again how valuable he is to this team. Not only a great blocker, but their best receiver so far this year. :thup: Speaking of which, Mathews you have been sucking. If you want an NFL deal you better step it up soon. :thdn:

Spot has ALWAYS been reviewable. Just in the past 2 or 3 years the rule was changed that spot is only reviewable on 3rd down. But right from the beginning it has always been reviewable on any play.

I still LMAO at the Montreal fans who said Watson wasn't a starter on half the teams in the league! :lol:
Clueless. :cowboy:

Sorry that's what I was implying, that it's not a play that can be challenged on 2nd down. I could see giving them some leeway if it was a rule change that only came into effect this season, as they have done that in the past, but that isn't the case here.

As for the teams, Winnipeg is way more balanced offensively. I think Hamilton has more threats but you aren't going to fool anyone when you give your running back 2 rushes. It's also allowing the Bombers line to cheat and not respect the run, just pint their heads down and gun for Burris.

Are you sure, I was sure they could challenge the spot of the ball.

NM I see your post now.

WPG's kickers getting schooled today.

As Prariedog added, you can but only on 3rd down.

Neither offense is in sync right now. Hamilton at least attempted to run the football, which they need to keep at if they want to have a chance to get someone to bite on play action or have the d line not just rush straight downfield. Bucky looks off on his passes, he's getting decent production on 1st down from Simpson.

So why have they gone away from Simpson? Bombers cannot be going 2nd & long and be successful.

I was going to ask the same thing but maybe it's Hamilton making adjustments. He's been solid but his last 2 carries have been for losses.

Surprisingly no turnovers yet…