WPG vs EDM (Revenge!)

Jeezus, how quick the tide can change.... :x

Damn holding calls. I hate it when they wipe out returns.

Ouch, helmet on the knees, don't think he meant to but still would hurt.

Samuels is sure making Edm think twice about cutting him

Nothing kills momentum like a bunch of stupid penalties… :x

Man, Ewdards had 7 there

Nice move by Davis to get us the pick, and a great drive by Ray. It’s about time he started throwing TDs again. The INTs were getting a bit out of hand.

But our O-Line still isn’t looking that great. It looks like the Bombers are dictating the movement up front.

When was the last time a team had 31 points in a quarter?


Bring on the second half! Whoooooooo!

I go to the bathroom and someone gets hurt...? What the hell happened?

I was wondering the same thing Chief. I turn away and look back and the guy is on the ground and they are saying its so bad they don't want to show it again. What happened to his leg? Can't be worse then what happened to Zednick last year and they showed that over and over again. Although censored....

It can't look worse than the Joe Theisman injury did. I still have nightmares about that one. Maybe they're doing us a big favour.

Time to switch it up... Run, pass, run, pass, run, pass. Getting a little predictable, as we just saw. :roll:

At least we did run the ball more this game, that helped us turn the short yardage screens into good gains.

This is true. :lol:

I didn’t think it was possible to top the Banjo Bowl collapse, but 31 points in under 2 1/2 minutes is about all I can take. Good game you guys. Hope JRL isn’t hurt too bad.