WPG vs EDM (Revenge!)

Man, it must be getting close to playoff time cause I haven't looked forward to a game this much in a while.
The league was wise to implement the new rule quickly, before WPG could send Ray their regards - but you know they are going to be amped up to get after Frito Ray cleanly. I just wish Canada was in for this game...
I know these games never live up to their hype, but here's hopin' this one does!

Go Blue!

I hope ZM rips Ricky Ray's bald head off of his pencil neck (legally of course) and the Blue Bombers get some deserved revenge.

Edmonton has been uncontrollable ever since Machocka took over the team and they are by far the dirtiest team in the league.

Go Bombers!

Hey Swervy, how many fights did your team get into last year, hmm? Talk about uncontrolled... Let's focus on the game.

They got into a friendly rumble with the little piggies on the Riders D-Line... so what. They were all laughing about it while it happened. Rob Murphy sat on a guy and grinned the whole time with his fist cocked. It wasn't like it was a fit of rage where guys had to be restrained and started fighting their own players and refs and coaches. Does that scenario ring a bell?

Edmonton is do dirty Hako Rosouli offers them some shampoo.

Charlie who? :rockin:

Game time. Gonna turn on the TV!

Go Eskimos!!!

So I'm guessing Edmonton slept in... :roll:

WoooooHooooo! :rockin:

Revenge comes in many ways!

Romby Bryant taking it to the house.

I don’t think so…it’s 2 teams going in different directions :stuck_out_tongue:

Unforunately, you're right. Three losses in four games. But unlike the Riders, it doesn't look like we'll be turning things around.

I'm starting to think that Doug Berry may not be so hated in locker room afterall. i doubt that the BBs would be playing as well as they are if they didn't respect the coach. Must have been Roberts needed a change and was causing friction same as Joe smith was in BC. Judging by Westwood's brutal attempts at being a sportsbeat writer he was the problem not Berry.

Don't worry Chef, Mochocka will find a way to coach his way out of the slump.

Well after this game I'll be rooting for you guys! :wink:

Geez, those passing stats aren't one-sided at all... :?

Thank God for that play. We needed that in a big way. Now the O-Line needs to start playing better. They're letting the Bombers man-handle them.

Who do you think you could thank for that? :wink:

Why do we always give up the fake punt?

It started with Peterson's big catch. He's burned us since we let him go.

Gotta love Tristan Jackson. I hope Edmonton holds onto him for a long time.

Yeah nice return.