wpg vs cgy

thought i was watchin an arhols game with all those empty blue seats…

every year since the jets came home their attendance has dropped

Looks like O'Shea went and got a haircut.... .while he can still afford it!


gets the axe before or after end of season?


yah the second the season ends but not sure why the wait. Marcel can take over

The fire HIM when the season ends.. his O is atrocious!

O'Shea just wasted my time. I invest the better part of an hour watching the fourth quarter, hoping for a good finish, and his team throws away the game on a "procedure - no end" penalty! C'mon, coach. Let's teach your guys the basic rules of the game. (Oh, and refs ... way to assert your dominance once again.)

At least I got to see Cornish knocked on his butt a whole bunch of times.

Unfortunately, the refs HAD to make that call - it was that obvious. Their kicker, though, missed an EASY FG to get them into overtime.

Anyone else think that the pass reception by #80 was an incomplete pass, since he used the ground to control the ball? I thought O'Shea should have challenged the call there...


I've noticed that the announcers are reluctant to ever point that out once they've raved about the catch. There's just a brief moment of awkward silence as it comes up on the replay, and then we all pretend we never saw it.

he had full control of the ball as he hit the ground. the ground did not make the ball move at all. It was a good catch. I would have been happy if it was not.

Since when does the ball that hits the ground have to move to be considered an incomplete pass? If they reviewed that play it would have been ruled an incomplete pass. The ball clearly hit the turf as Rogers was falling to the ground with the ball in his hands.

I thought so too but it was so late by the time TSN showed that replay angle that there wasn't much time for the spotters to notice it and call down to O'Shea to challenge.

it goes to show that he had full control of the ball. The ball clearly and firmly in his hands when he hit the ground with it. The ground did not help him make the catch

Turns out that O'Shea HAS been instructing his players to check with the official to ensure they are not out of place which the receiver did, was assured that his position was good and then AFTER the play and discussion with the back judge the flag was called. The league has ACTUALLY ADMITTED THAT IT MADE A MISTAKE on that call. Not sure how they will rectify the fact that it likely cost Winnipeg the game, especially if they finish one spot out of the playoffs :roll: :oops:

WOW, how disappointing! This had a direct effect on the outcome of the game!

no worries, they will be more than this game out of the playoffs. A montreal win tomorrow and I will guarantee all 4 eastern teams are in the playoffs.

However, my second guarantee is if no cross over, then bc is in and wpg is way behind in any case.

Wonder what the punishment is.

Please dont let it be working the Hamilton game..

I'm trying REALLY hard to understand your reasoning here. Of course WPG probably will not make it into the playoffs, even if this call had not been made.

The REAL issue is that there have been many times, through the past few seasons (more widespread since Glen Johnson took over, IMHO) where the Officials have DETERMINED the outcome of games. This is about the incompetence of the on-field officials, the inconsistency of interpretation of judgement calls (often times within the same game), the inconsistency of the review process with little (or NO) explanation, and the inability of on-field officials to take charge of extremely emotionally-charged games (ie: HAM-TOR Sep 11) by laying down the law at the beginning of the game and actually EJECTING individuals for rough play (on BOTH sides) to prevent player injuries.

Glen Johnson, as a former referee, is "too close" to his former partners-in-crime to objectively and dispassionately pass judgement upon them - for good or bad.