WPG vs Cats

Just read in the paper Burke's looking at a team void of regulars for the 2nd preseason game. Says it could look ugly, and that he is even expecting it to be. Very unusual approach, but I guess they will see what we have in these guys at least. Fight to the end no matter the score, those are the players we need.

Burke said he advised the guys he's taking that they're going to be up against Hamiltons starters (for some of the game at least) and suggested they show him they belong here...

I like it, we know what the vets can do, let the bubble guys have a chance to prove they belong.

....exactly....There's plenty of time for the vets. to shake off the rust...One week from this last preseasoner till the real thing... :thup: :rockin:

I agree, but as a said earlier, I really feel these 2 games coming up against Montreal are big. We need to win our home opener, and have a shot of 2-0. Not the time for our regulars to be getting into the groove.

I agree, I wouldn't have minded for the starters to get another half of Football in. Buck didn't complete a pass last week. As long as we are prepared for Montreal, all good.....I guess :?

montreals got a new coach and new defensive coach, entire new staff really… pre season games, all i hear about is how they arent the same pace as regular season games and they arent. Montreal hamilton toronto whoever else we play in the first few weeks of the season will have the same issues as we do, thats called getting the timing back in games that actually mean something.

As Burke promised the rookies and backups will get a stiff test. Ti-Cats indeed doing the complete opposite as the Bombers and playing all the starters. The only probable starter I don't see on their depth chart is Courtney Stephen who I think is hurt. Interesting that CJ Gable is ahead of Chevon Walker, wonder if it stays that way into the season.


Looking at the bombers depth chart, not much in the way of veteran presence. I think they'll lean on Labbe a lot to help get guys set on the defensive side. A line up like this I think will put a lot of pressure on the coaches to work with the players in game. I don't see Jameze Massey on the roster but I believe he's hurt. Despite the big return in that Toronto game, not playing in this one could spell his end, especially if Kennedy shows well. No Dexter Davis Jr either. I've seen some reports that he was also cut with the first round of cuts days after the Toronto game, maybe one of those temporary injury cuts that gets resigned after he's recovered, but I haven't seen anything official and he's still listed on the bombers roster. I haven't read any news that he's been sitting out with an injury. Anyone know? My other main concern is the Oline. Not a lot of options there if someone should go down. The only backups are 2 imports in Douglas and Simmons at right tackle. Swiston who can play some guard or tackle is out with injury I believe. I'm guessing one of the imports might be able to play the left tackle if need be but things could get very creative there. Oline issues should they arise could really force the QBs to show off some of their mobility.

whoops, just saw Davis Jr's release was posted on the cfl.ca transactions page. Still odd he is still on the roster and his release wasn't announced with the others on the bombers website.

Exactly. That's why Burke is desperate to find some diamonds in the rough to replace them with, heck even 1/1000th carrot would probably due. :lol: :lol:

It’s carat. Or I believe karat is also acceptable.

...he might have actually meant the vegetable

Perhaps, but that leaves his diamond reference out in left field. Pun intended. Lol

There were a couple of players listed as released at the CFL page who were actually put on the IR. Massey was one and I think Davis was the other but I'm not certain.

....IF... AND a very big if, the cats don't blowout the Bombers tomorrow, Austin and his gang are back to the drawing board in a helluva hurry......Apparently the t-cats are going with mostly first string while we are playing the rooks....should be interesting...or like I said a blow-out :lol:

So in your view, does 35-0 so far count as a blowout or do they need to reach 100 on the night to be successful. Looks like the Ticats are just fine, but the Bombers........., well not so much. Who would have thought that Labour day last year would have been the high point for Burks Coaching career. :roll:

As if having far and away the worst team in the league wasn't enough of a concern, now the new stadium is not what it was "cracked" up to be......

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/06/20/cracks-already-appear-at-new-stadium]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/06/20/c ... ew-stadium[/url]

...Hey we're just laying in the weeds...maybe we're getting caught-up in the tall stuff but we'll be ready for the opener...minus the pretenders who thought they were football players....Of course there's no guarantees we'll resemble a contender ...Burke should have an easy time eliminating the wheat from the chaff after this preseason (whatever that was)..Watch out Mont....It's a trick..(I hope) :lol:

As if having far and away the worst team in the league wasn't enough of a concern, now the new stadium is not what it was "cracked" up to be......

I remember bc place having small leaks in the roof that got quickly fixed, I think there is a bigger concern here with the football team than the stadium.

Yes I agree. The stadium will be fine but unfortunately that is all Bomber Fans will be able to enjoy for a few more years until this team can be rebuilt from top to bottom. This preseason yes it is only preseason but it does not look like this team will be able to compete with anyone this year. I am not sure why Buck is held in such high esteem here in Wpg. Yes he is a good character but that does not win games. Even when he has been healthy he has not shown anything in the past two years. We pull him because a teams blitz's what kind of crap is that? AC makes teams pay for blitzing him if Buck and our offence were any good they would do the same. Boy I miss the 80's when we had a real football team that was never worried about what the other team was going to do, as we would run Bomber football down their throats. Now it's like we play like scared rabbits. Makes me want to put a paper bag over my head.