This game was won in the trenches, and Winnipeg did a damn good job against team noted for there Oline and Dline. Confidence booster here, and a break to boot. Heal up boys!

You got that right...
LetsGoBlue...she was Won in the trenches...
Special teams ...they Rocked....also...

I actually don't think we were outplayed - at all. Missed field goals = loss.

I got another confession to make...
Someone is getting the best of you...
That would be the Bombers...4life..
The best,the best , the best of you...
Go Foo Fighters...Go Bombers...

damn...i fell asleep during the game, watched the 4th on tsn broadband and find the bombers win....but not by 4...why did they take the knee instead of a few run plays then kicking the FG?...lol

damn, i went to bed after the 1st Q and buck pierce was doing unreal, and the lions were up 10-0 (and missed a fg) thought it was over! :lol:

So not being able to kick field goals doesn't count as a detriment to your team's overall playing ability? :roll:

Also what about the lack of pressure BC had on Glenn all night? What about Charles Roberts rushing for over 100 yards? What about Edwards going over 100 yards in receiving? What about BC being held to only 4 points in the entire second half?

Yep. BC didn't get outplayed at all... :roll: :roll: :roll:

....Blink had his dancing shoes on....Kevin was sharp again....Pikula made all of his fg attempts....BIG difference makers...Lions are hurting more than they let on...Bucky looked good in the 1 st. quarter....after that i think the freezing came out ....and he went into the 'deep freeze....still all in all ...close game...Bombers proved they can win....even taking stupid bloody penalties that kill drives....that has to be corrected... :expressionless:

Eh. That's the type of response I figured to get from RLR and 4Life. Poor sports. :roll:

WTF are you talking about? I gave the Bombers credit. We lost by one friggin point. Let it go.

I gotta say(ouch) that RLR(ouch) did in fact(owww) give credit (oww) to the Bombers!

Damm that hurt to say!

Nice to see someone's grown up on the boards.

He was being nice, RLR…was that really called for?

I think so. Why is it so hard to give me credit? It's obvious I congratulated the Bombers and their fans on the W. I was being classy, no reason other people can't act the same way.

It's a joke....he was tying in the whole "gesus, we've not been getting along" thing into the "yep, he has a point" thing.....who says giving someone credit can't involve humour?

OK sorry, I guess I didn’t find the humour in his post. But thanks for agreeing with me, I guess there’s a first time for everything :wink:

lol - that there is.....and I can see, based on the history, how that comment could be taken out of context, but at least you're willing to give the benefit of the doubt.....also admirable.

Well, then, my apologies. I guess there's a first time for everything! :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I'm glad you were actually a good sport about it. I was pulling for B.C. I had them in the VGCC. I honestly didn't think Winnipeg would be able to eek out the win. I guess we have to view them as true contenders now.

I see them as a very good team in the East, but I also see a lot of missed opportunities from the Lions last night. We shot ourselves in the foot more than once, and our special teams were beyond terrible. We lost by 1 point. I was very impressed by the Bombers' resilience though, they never quit.

I'm just not all that worried about my team. We're keeping it close without DD but we need to kick it up an extra gear.

i also see a lot of missed opportunities for the bombers

but what it comes down to is your defence stopped those opportunites, as did our defence stop you

we also had a crap load of penalties, so the missed opportunities and things goes both ways

we had a lot of procedures and holding calls trying to keep your freakishly good D-line in check