Who breaks out of their slump: Winnipegs D, or BC's O??

BC is too depleted, Bombers should win this one.

cmon winnipeg...win by 4 or more to keep my proline ticket alive for another day!

i picked:
montreal over calgary...( CHECK )
sask over toronto by 8+ ( CHECK )
winnipeg over BC by 4+
hamilton over edmonton by 4+

pays $120

Not a bad ticket Drummer. Have you ever tried betting online? Much better odds, no ties, and you can bet on only 1 game if you want… You caneven bet how well a player may do!

I hope B.C. wins. I really don't wanna fall to 1-2. :lol:

no, ive never bet online..i dont take this too seriously...just something to make the games a little bit more interesting.

For me as well, but it's always nice to win more often!

Like those picks man.

Brutal start by the WPG secondary, come on Glenn, gotta answer back!

Screw the bets! My Riders are in 1st place at the moment and I would love for them to stay there! I'm with LetGoBlue when I say "Let's Go Blue"!!!

(but it don't look good right now - Bucky is really on his game so far - 9 for 10 :cry: )

the winnipeg secondary is brutal...killin me here.

Yes!!! Game over and Sask remains tied for 1st place!! Gotta like it. Excellent comeback Winnipeg - didn't give up and climbed back into it.

Felt a bit bad for McCallum when he missed the last FG attempt though. Either team could have won it but Winnipeg came through. Very entertaining game.


Looks like I'm now 1-2 this week. Sweet Jesus. Edmonton better bail me out tomorrow.

But Winnipeg played a good game. How could B.C. allow them to score 12 unanswered points? Ah well. I know one thing for sure: I don't want to hear any bitching from RLR or BCLions4Life. I saw Floyd, Washington, and Pierce on the field tonight. The injury excuses stop here. Winnipeg beat them fair and square.




Go Blue!!

Sorry about the tickey DG, but that was a good game to listen to. Thank you bombers.

Go Riders!!

Boring game, glad the Blue won though, guess that's what you get against two good defenses. Bombers held BC to 4 second half points, very good effort.

The Bombers are..
Class of the West...
Even though they compete..
In the East....Go BOMBERS.

Pikula did very well tonight. This game shows that we are an ''elite'' team in the CFL

Amen to that. Winnipeg's secondary rebounded nicely after the first quarter. BC was just out played. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

See Drummer? That is why you should bet online, no ties!