Hey guys, don't worry, last year the bombers weren't even getting field goals in those instances (rare) that Willy was able to drive them down the field. I do agree to get the 'next' level the bombers need that 'killer instinct' but one level at at time - they were at the bottom level and Nichols has moved them up two levels - past playoff contender and into the playoffs. Still lots of football left - and Sk's defense is getting better every week. I'd only be worried if the bombers start losing - a win is a win is a win - especially in Sk on Labour Day. It could be another 11 years before they win another one there.

I don't think anyone is really worried, nor criticizing. It's more like cautious expectations, with a great big grin. :thup:

...Seriously....IF that dumpster fire ever straightens their act out in Regina for the next 2 Labour Day tilts it would be amazing...Don't forget the Bombers still have room for improvement and they will...So as the riders try to put out the fire...the Bombers will have moved up the charts big time...Good luck to the riders getting a win against the Bombers for a very long time :wink: ..........................................(I hope I didn't jinx us guys) :lol:

I don’t know what all the crying is about on the PI call. The defender wouldn’t let Dressler run his route, he arm barred him the whole time, that’s not hand fighting, correct call.

Two games ago....suggested that the this level of turnovers by the Bomber D...was unsustainable. News travels slowly in the Bomber clubhouse. Since then....10 more turnovers. Crazy.

Saw 3 worse calls, that weekend. And less whining outside of Saskatchewan....

....Why are we so charitable to the green guys...Do we feel sorry for them...Put them away for cripes sake O'Shea....I know we are hurting in key positions BUT if it wasn't for the shut down play of our D we could have been looking at a loss....The riders are NOT a good team and we continue to show up without intensity.... We have to be better to compete with the top tier in the west...Congtrats. on our 6th win in a row to the D but it should not of even been close. :roll:

We left 13 points on the field but credit the Riders, they played hard and one of these weeks will turn the corner, just glad it wasn't this week :lol: