This is a tough game any year . Throw the team's record's out the window. We were 7-1 in 2011 and were destroyed by the Riders. This is their GC game .They're not making the playoffs, so this is it for them. Durant is still dangerous and they will have the energy from a huge crowd !

......Keep the pedal to the metal as the saying goes...You can never, ever take another team for granted...We just have to go out and play solid football like we've been doing lately and watch the penalties..Durant looked to be 'back' in the last half of the Edm. game and seems to be over his struggles...We shall see,,,On the other hand Dressler will more than likely be in our line-up (heh heh) and I'm sure he'll want to show the riders they made a mistake in not re-signing him....Ryan Smith looks like he's close and could possibly be in the line-up as well...On another note the Bombers have signed a rider's 16' /sixth round draft pic and former Bison Alex McKay...6'5...300 pounds...a big boy the riders are going to be sorry they let go :wink: Always good to have Canadian O guys around...Should be a good game and hopefully we come out on top. :rockin:

For once, I'm looking forward to this game, I expect a close, hard hitting affair, flip a coin at the outcome.

....Definitely was close...and a lot closer than I would like....Did we feel sorry for these chumps and let up...????? I don't know why we didn't run Harris more at the beginning of the game AND we need a receiver that can stretch the field like McDuffie did...I was not impressed with our rush on that porous sask. o line...We seem to go away from pressuring Durant and let him play pitch and catch...Can't do that and sustain winning...Anyway exciting game to watch...I didn't care for the reffing and detected a whole lot of holding going on ..especially the riders o line...Up next banjo...Keep er going Bombers... :rockin:

So I think I need to go for a MRI after that game.A whole lot of yelling went on in my house in the last quarter. Jones poor challenges come back to haunt him.Nichols does what he does,don’t turn the ball over and control the game.Medlock=machine,the ball Hawks come through in the end.Harris is worth every penny and more.I Believe!

Nichols is one smart QB.

winnipeg never won this game, are you blind. the poor calls at the command centre handed them the game.

They did indeed win,28-25.If you want to blame someone blame Jones stupid challenges(and stick to the open forum)

Yes, my dog watched it for me and never told me about the bad calls... I should have realized that the command centre wanted the Riders to go 1-9 and at the same time disappoint the full house and the province...Thanks ed.

Pssst, do you think the command centre was in on all of the Rider's other eight losses too ? Something to think about !

Good morning Aulcee. :thup:

Shut up ! Bad calls went both ways . Your " brilliant " coach wasted all his challenges on plays that were never in doubt !

…I think ed better look at Corky and his bull$hit coaching before coming in here…He might find out the real reason why the riders are 1 and 9…soon to be 10… :lol:

I enjoyed watching Nichols and Durant entertaining what they both do best - the love of the game. Just like what has been said in this thread, complaining does nothing - Winnipeg deserves their victory. Cheers

It was a beautiful morning wasn't it. I can hear the teeth nashing and whinning from Saskatchewan clear as a bell on a wonderful morning like this.

Good on you for a decent and humble post :thup:

The game was entertaining and obviously happy with the win. Riders have a beef on the PI call but they should take it up with Jones who hurt them with his lousy challenges earlier in the game. And, lest we forget, the questionable PI call helped them get a their only win earlier this season. Bad calls suck but every team will have to deal with them and you have to overcome. They had a number of plays throughout the game that could've changed the outcome in their favour a whole lot earlier.

The offense is bothering me, however. Yes Nichols throws for 341 yards and won his fifth start, so it's weird to say that. But we had to settle for 8 FG tries, this after 6 the week before. Medlock's been money and thank goodness because we probably lose these last 2 games if he misses a couple. This offense is beginning to look less like the one we saw in Nichols' first few starts and more of what we saw under Willy - high completion % and picking up yards but lousy and delivering into the redzone and finishing drives. The main difference is that Nichols' is protecting the ball and the defense is playing at a higher level than they did earlier this season. These tight wins are nice and will build character for tighter games down the line this season, but at some point we have to show we will need to finish drives or it won't matter.

Agreed, we could have put this game out of reach in the first half if we had scored TDs when we had the chance. Red zone efficiency looks to be the last hurdle and then we become an honest contender. Every improving team has this problem and some never get it. The good ones do.

As for the officiating, I used to get upset and sometimes still do when I see calls not made, like the several offsides that WEREN"T called on Sask. A big reason they got all those throwing yards…The officiating is going through some more growing pains just like last year when everyone was screaming about TOO many penalties. Expect more mistakes… I now watch games and pretty well ignore the penalties because a good team will overcome any penalties and still win… The first thing I thought of AND just like Papa said in another thread, if we didn’t get the PI call on Dressler, Medlock could have booted it through the end zone for a single. Game over.

I sympathize(slighty :wink: ) with the Sask. fan base but if you are going to blame the refs for your team losing, then that must mean you are relying on them for your winning.

....We have had some bad calls and I believe eventually they all even out...The 'too many men' on Regina just about had me choke on my beer...Somethings never get old and never change...I still chuckle when I think of it :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've watched the controversial call over and over and in slow mo. Cox bumps Dressler inside the 5 yard allowance BUT he grabs Dressler with his left hand and doesn't let go of him until Cox goes for the ball. The penalty, if I understand it, could have been called at anytime along the route after the 5yards. The ref is looking at the infraction the whole time but doesn't call it till Dressler is down and out. The fact the ref didn't throw the flag till the end of the play doesn't mean that it was just the end of the play that was illegal. I honestly believe that the ref did not want to call anything AND would not have if Cox didn't impede Dressler from running his route right from the start.

Exactly. If you look at the Stamps for instance, they've kicked as many FGs as we have. Big difference between us and them is their offense is putting up more TDs in addition to the FGs which is why why they sit atop the standings. I think 3 of our FGs vs the Riders were inside the 30, we need to come out with at least one TD on those.