....Not impressed with that win against a 'suspect opponent'....Maybe rust...or the same ol same ol as we can't seem to get going early...Have a lead and give it away...Sound familiar....we did the same thing last year and good teams are watching...That has to change or the team will just continue to spin it's tires for another year...Think I should be happy after a win.... BUT I AIN'T.

We and the agents of fortune we call refs let them back into it. The whole ending, I hate to say, seemed rather staged. After their kicker shot himself in the foot, there was nothing else to do but Medlock it.

I’m not happy with the win. I want a strangle-hold win. We need to learn to crush the life out of an opponent. Shutting down when we’re ahead by 14 with well over a quarter to play is not my way.

I'll take it,we won.
We spoiled their grand opening,job done.
We had to shake off our rust
We made them wonder if Jones is a bust
Job Done!

I think both teams got out of the game with their pride intact. Bombers got the ugly win but I'll take ugly wins over beautiful losses any day of the week.

Riders showed a ton of offense and some aggressive (at times) defense that smothered Nicholls in the 4th quarter (o-line ran outta gas obviously)

Neither O'Shea nor Jones will ever be ranked amongst coaching greats. Both guys are full of flaws and poor coaching ideas.

We'll see how the big blue fare against some very good upcoming teams.

Rich Hall's defense (particularly the secondary) always a concern - and the alarm bells are still ringing!!!

If Nichols connects with Denmark and Dressler in that first half I think it's a different ball game but, I agree that the team showed a lot of the same problems that they had last season, same old same old as you say.

Carmichael is not the answer at the field side HB position, next guy up please.

From the outside looking in...They may have exhibited some weaknesses from last year but they also exhibited a lot of their strengths from last year.
This Winnipeg board has gone from being a reader friendly and team objective forum to being ruled by 2-3 complete bashers at EVERY turn. I'm surprised.
They will say " I call it like I see it?"

They have only ever seen the warts in isolation and axes to grind. And live in another generation.

We're going to have issues on D with Carmichael and Alexander both being rookies and spending most of the time playing the same side of the field. There will be growing pains with 2 guys not only learning to play CFL D but learning to communicate with each other. Main thing is they can't let themselves get beat deep or not tackle well and allow receivers to pile up YAC. Both I thought were serviceable, although Carmichael was beaten deep for a TD on a play that Glen Suitor kept calling TJ Heath. All in all, I think you have to remember that, with Bruce Johnson on the 6 game now, we have 6 new starters on D from last year, including Hurl who hasn't started for a couple of seasons now. They'll need some more seasoning before we know what we really have. I will say that we need more from Westerman and Okpalaugo though.

I can't blame the refs either. Although that one play by the Rider receiver was a catch and fumble when he turned to run, not sure why they would overturn that as an incomplete. And it's not just the homer in me, I'd say the same regardless if the jersey colours were reversed. Horrible decision by the reply judge to overturn IMO.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a win. There haven't been many blowouts so far this season, most games have been tight so you need to find ways to win close ones and we did just that. It was looking like a guaranteed loss in a hostile environment after the first quarter finished, but they found a way to claw back into the game and found a way to win. I can think of a few of the versions of Bombers in the last 10 years that would have packed it in after that first quarter. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do vs Calgary. That game comes with all sorts of concerns for Alexander and Carmichael as BLM can probably take advantage of their inexperience even better then Glenn. Especially if they line up against McDaniel who always seems to have big games against us. Curious to see how Nevis and the revamped DLine can do vs Messam. They did a nice job limiting Marshall to a 1.6 ypc after his 7.6 ypc the week before vs the Als.