WPG roster changes 15% this week

The WPG Depth Chart:

[url=http://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2016/07/Winnipeg-Blue-Bombers-Depth-at-Hamilton.pdf]http://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp ... milton.pdf[/url]

I haven't seen anything locally about what changes the Cats will make, although a couple of Toronto reporters say it'll be Travis Lee, making his CFL debut, in the spot vacated by the Tisdale release. The hometown chart should be out in an hour or so.

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#Ticats add DB Travis Lee to take the place of released Geoff Tisdale. He’ll play field corner, with Quinton Pointer at the boundary. #CFL

Oh1 and this
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The referee for Thursday’s #Ticats game vs. #Bombers: Andre Proulx. #CFL. :?

TiCats depth Chart

Other than the return of ZC the lineup is LOOKING GOOD!!!

Wow it looks like there's been quite a few changes to the line-up and depth chart since that disaster last week.

as far as I can see here are the personnel changes for the game tomorrow night:

#1......first off the obvious one is Tisdale being released and no longer with the club
#2......Pointer moves over from field to boundary as Tisdale's replacement
#3......Lee makes his CFL debut at Field corner replacing Pointer and also giving us 2 raw rookies starting on both sides.
#4......Ellefson-de doesn't appear anywhere on the chart or roster and appears to have been released
#5.....O'Mara switches over from LB to DE to replace Ellefsen backing up Chick as a new D-Lineman.
#6.....Smith-lb checks into the lineup for his first game as a back up for Simoni and to play specials.
#7.....Woodson-rb suits up for the first time this year as Gable's backup replacing Scheureman who goes to the P.R.

Depth chart 46 man breaks down as 3 QB/20 imp/23 cdn.......which means that 2 cdns will be the gameday scratches.
4 D.I's will be K-B.Maher/WR-KR-B.Banks/LB-W.Smith/DB-D.Ellis.

Ellefsen is on the Practice Roster:


That roster from the team web site is woefully inaccurate and not at all up to date. If you take a look at the team roster provided with the depth chart you will see that Ellefsen isn't only not on the PR but he's not listed on any list whatsoever. My guess is that he was released for this game but knowing Austin as soon as he can reshuffle the deck that Ellefsen will reemerge on the roster at a later date.

I just checked the Transactions page on the CFL website, and he is in fact on the practice roster.

THEY DEAD!! This is going to be one pissed off Cats team

Love the guy !! :thup:

Two things to add to this exchange -- what is copied, above, from cfl.ca/transactions is old (June 22nd) and, what occurred on that date was, in fact, the opposite of him being put on the practice roster. The "translation" of the league's lingo is he was REMoved FROM the NON-ACTIVE (PR) list and ADDed to the ROSTER, which is the Active Roster of 46. bobo82 is right in noticing that Ellefsen's name does not appear anywhere on the full 69-man broken-down roster which appears as the second page of the Depth Chart for this game. He was among the 44 dressed for each of the two previous games. Another name, also nowhere to be found, is Matt Uren who was announced, by the club, as having been added to the PR last Thursday. Clerical errors? I doubt it, unless deliberately made.

Doh! Got them backwards. Sorry about that.

That is the most recent reference to him on the transaction list. But no entries at all from yesterday, so they probably just haven't put up the latest changes yet. So no answer there either. :?

I've found that, while certainly much better kept than the Roster on this site, the transactions list on cfl.ca, is also not something on which to rely. I'm pretty sure that, if I took the time to go back over all listed transactions since the Grey Cup, there would be some new players, now playing for the TiCats, whose names have never appeared on that list.

Now, on Game Day morning, I see the cfl.ca/transactions list has been updated showing these moves by HAM:

ROSTER 06-Jul-16



HAM DEL NAT Everett ELLEFSEN (DE) McNeese State

HAM DEL INT Ross SCHEUERMAN (WR) Lafayette College

HAM EXT ON INJURED INT Jasper COLLINS (WR) Mount Union College – to Jul-14

HAM EXT ON INJURED INT Delano JOHNSON (DL) Bowie State – to Jul-14

HAM EXT ON INJURED NAT Mike JONES (WR) Southern – to Jul-14

NON-ACTIVE 06-Jul-16

HAM ADD INT Ross SCHEUERMAN (WR) Lafayette College

HAM REM UNS NAT Matt UREN (WR) Western University

So, officially, by this, both Ellefsen and Uren have been released, at least until further notice.
Here's an example of my comment, in the previous post, regarding the transactions list -- While Uren is now shown on the list as being "released from the non-active roster," he WASN'T on it. The club announced that he'd been added to the PR on July 3rd, but that never appeared on the transactions list.

That's funny - I thought that he's a Running Back...

I just love this!

Whenever I see this hit, first it makes me smile, then it makes me slightly angry because it always seems like JJ let him off easy. I give him full credit for not killing Buck, but goddamn that hit could have been SO much worse. That is by far one of my favourite plays in Ti-Cats history.