WPG releases Kevin Glenn

BOBO, just a correction on your post.

2001 Bomber QB was Khari Jones.

Kevin Glenn was the QB for the 2007 Bombers. ( 11-7 )

BTW, the Bombers would have won the 93 Cup if Dunigan not been injured.

DOH !!!! Yup I stand corrected :oops: Thanks B-88 for the correction. A definite brain fart on my part.

Nonetheless here is an interesting article about that 2001 Bomber team and how they were heavily favoured to win that Cup but were ultimately defeated by a sub .500 (8-10) Stampeder team which was up until this year's Grey Cup victory by the REDBLACKS considered to be the greatest upset of all time in Grey Cup history.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/11/26/fifteen-years-later-remembering-2001-grey-cup/]http://3downnation.com/2016/11/26/fifte ... -grey-cup/[/url]

Good find BOBO.

I remember it so well. Plus CFL Classics like to run it on a regular basis. :thup:

One of the best days of my life.
Kinda made up for the 3 years in a row ( 93-94-95 ) the Stamps should have won and failed.
The thing I remember most about that game was , I had a real good feeling we were going to win.
What bugged me was the Stamps received no respect for the win. It was all Bombers choked.

Ironic, this 2016 loss , had so many Stamps fans phone the QR77 post game call in show just livid over the defeat to a sub-500 Ottawa team. :lol: :lol: :lol:
That prompted me to call in a remind those of 2001. No one complained on that day.

Anyway what goes around will come around . Having said that, after this 2016 loss I came on to this site and provided nothing but respect for the well earned win for the RedBlacks.
No excuses offered.
Besides, I was sort of glad my man Hank got his second ring. :wink:

BTW, the best team to not win a Cup were the 89 Eskimos. :thup:
Another happy day in my life.

Of course you were meaning to say other than the 101 Rider teams that came up just a bit short. :lol:

Agreed. Nice post.

DOH !!!! Yup I stand corrected :oops: Thanks B-88 for the correction. A definite brain fart on my part.
...That's okay bobo...my wheels slip every now and then... :? ....Both Cups mentioned were very forgettable....I just hope we can get into another one and start up a rivalry like Ham. and the Peg had in the sixties...It's been awhile... :lol: