WPG releases Kevin Glenn

WINNIPEG, MB., January 6, 2017 – [b] The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has released quarterback Kevin Glenn.

“The decision was made to grant Kevin the opportunity to explore other options after we informed him we weren’t going to be able to immediately come to an agreement contractually,? said Blue Bombers General Manager Kyle Walters. “Given Kevin’s longevity and veteran status in our league, we felt it was appropriate and the right thing to do given the circumstances.?[/b]

[url=http://www.bluebombers.com/2017/01/06/bombers-release-kevin-glenn/]http://www.bluebombers.com/2017/01/06/b ... vin-glenn/[/url]

Walters is becoming one of the better GM's in the league.

.....He certainly makes 'Slow Joe' Mack look more like yesterday's news everyday...There's a biggie on the table for him right now and that's with regard to the most important position on the field...IF Walters gets that right he certainly could very well be considered as one of the better GM's in the league... :thup:

....So does Kevin head back to Mont. as a mentor orrrrrr Sask.??? :roll:

...heck, I'd take Glenn here in cowtown to mentor Buckley...

:lol: :lol: ''''you think that'd work.... and what would Drew think??/

You guys defended Joe Mack for so long...
Right now I would say Montreal is the most likely destination but he has options. But the fit is absolutely Montreal IMO.

...Tate's time is done here...he keeps making noise about joining the coaching ranks, which is fine, eventually he'll need to make good on those thoughts...Barkley is the future, not Tate, and having Glenn around wouldn't hurt...

CFL QB's 30 years or older this season

Burris - 42
Ray - 38
Glenn - 38
Durant - 35
Lulay - 34
Tate -33
Reilly -32
Harris - 31
Willy - 31
Nichols - 30

CFL starters under 30

Collaros - 29
Mitchell - 27
Jennings - 25
Cato - 25

Franklin and Vernon Adams seem to be the only grade "A" prospects right now

We seem to be just recycling older QB's

This is a bit radical but We are getting to the point where it might be an idea to max a QB playing a half forcing teams to play two QB's every game. It would add a ton to the strategic aspect of the game and would ensure that QB's develop quicker.

As unofficial spokesman for Field Mouse Glenn I'd be assembling my options:

Remember, he's the shortest classic dropback passer in CFL history - name me another one that's under 5'9"

  1. He can auction his services to the highest (probably very low to be honest) bidder.
  2. Toronto or Ottawa would seem to be reasonable possibles - Toronto because they basically have two cans of old sardines and nothing (we know of) in the hopper. Glenn is an experienced hand (albeit short & too predictable) but at a more reasonable cap hit ($95 to $120k) he may get his last kick at the cat - and remember his money always goes to opening another Tim Horton's store in the Detroit area. Frankly, while Matt Nichols might not be worth $450k, a washup like KG is worth no more than 120k
  3. Edmonton may be an auto-choice if the Bombers are able to swing a trade for Jimmy Franklin (their 1st rd. draft pick plus a player TBNL)
  4. BC a possibility if Lulay retires to full-time coaching responsibilities.
  5. Sask. a possibility if Corky Jo can somehow lasso Nichols (for $350k + bonuses and big prepaid salary bonus). Glenn is good insurance and a decent mentor to the youngstah Corky dredges up.
  6. Can't rule out anyone other than Montreal at this stage. Even Winnipeg might welcome the KG back if they get snookered on the QB auctions - especially if he reduces his salary needs from $200k+ to around $100k. :cowboy:

I will say Kevin Glenn has made the most out of his athletic skills for the qb position, that's for sure. To actually make some good money doing it over the years! Good on him, speaks to his character combined with just enough athletic qb skills to keep getting contracts. :thup: He's going to end up being a Mr. CFL'er as what most of us see as a very average qb but a guy who just hangs in there, takes a lickin but keeps on tickin. :thup:

I wouldn't mind seeing him in camp in Toronto. In my eyes, Willy didn't do nearly enough last season to be lock for #1 in 2017. It wouldn't hurt to have a veteran like Glenn pushing and/or relieving him.

He really needs to join the Eskimos to complete his bingo card. Presumably he'd be the only player in history to have been on the roster of every CFL team.

He'd forever be the answer to another trivia question (to go along with, "Which CFL QB has the most passing yards with no Grey Cup ring?")

........One of the Bombers first round picks...remember we have two :wink: first over all and six..

...Hervey would most likely look to Glenn IF Franklin is moved ...only other stop would be T.O. and that depends on what Ray does....He would be close to his Timmies, if he went to the big smoke, and that's a plus for Glenn....In any event I'm glad we didn't leave Kevin hanging and gave him his release to pursue another gig... He deserves that..If he doesn't catch on with another team though, I think he'll be spending a lot of time at Horton's

I would like to see him in Hamilton.

He is smart veteran and has a world of experience .

If Collaros goes down again , Missoli is not the answer.

Good write-up on Glenn

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/09/13/cauz-kevin-glenn-canadian-football-league-icon/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/09/13/cauz-kevin ... ague-icon/[/url]

Kevin Glenn will be 38 going into the 2017 campaign. He's served many teams and he's done well, considering his somewhat limited capabilities and stature.

Nobody ever said CFL QB was an easy position - but this guy has made the most of it.

Never really a superstar - but a super-provider. For his family, his community and almost every team he's made his way onto.

True Grit cannot be measured by a man's stature - or his Hall of Fame credentials.

Something more vast. And in the vastness there is the beautiful simplicity of Kevin Glenn.

A good role model. A better man.

Nothing could be simpler.

As they say on The Reporters - 2 Thumbs Up to #5

I've always liked Glenn. Nothing beats him down when he has his game face on.

.....Very fair take Lyle....and going back over his record with the Bombers, our Grey Cup drought would've most likely ended long ago, if he wouldn't have reached out for a Charles Roberts fumble and busted his wing...Thems the breaks...

Yup , nice post by Lyle , and to think all this time I always thought that you didn't like Kevin "field mouse" Glenn . You old softy , you :slight_smile:

Also Papazoola you are so correct when you mention that if not for Glenn busting his wing that the 2001 Grey Cup would've went to the Peg. It's kinda ironic in a way that up to this seasons big upset in the Grey Cup that the last big upset was indeed in 2001 when the 8-10 Stampeders defeated a 14-4 heavily favoured Bomber squad that tied a regular season record that year with 12 consecutive wins and ran roughshod over basically everyone they faced in finishing with the best record in the league but as you mentioned unfortunately Glenn broke his arm, the underdogs won and the rest as they say is history. :cry: