WPG QB Matt Nichols hurt at practice

Bob Irving?
57m57 minutes ago
Matt nichols helped off the field favoring his leg after an innocent looking drop-back play in practice. No contact. Nichols was visibly upset and threw his helmet in anger.

Ted Wyman?
Quarterback Matt Nichols helped off the field by two trainers. He was putting some pressure on both legs. He went down while backpedalling for a passing play. Did not look like he was touched. Doesn't look very good. #Bombers #CFL

The fact that there has been no further information regarding the injury to QB Matt Nichols is not a good sign,to me. Unfortunate for the Bombers fans and CFL fans if he has to miss many games.

Apparently, QB Vernon Adams of the Tiger Cats could/will be traded. It was written,on Hamilton site, that he will be traded to Edmonton or Montreal. Someone-Grover,I think- wrote that he could be traded to Edmonton and then Edmonton would trade QB Kevin Glenn to Winnipeg. Definitely makes sense.

We will know today,according to June Jones.


Not necessarily. It would have been checked out yesterday and if there was any sort of swelling it would probably need to settle for a couple days to get a good look. Chances are they would not say anything until after the game this weekend either way.

Obviously concerning yes...but too early to read into it. The initial reaction was ACL because of how he fell apparently...non-contact injuries is understandable that one fears the worst. That said...a bad ACL tear they usually have a pretty good idea on the field after couple tests, and I would find it surprising if they let him walk off with any weight on it at all if that was the case.

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To clarify: Conversations of course happen, with teams reaching out to the Bombers as well. But nothing currently in the works. And from what I understand -- and seems obvious -- Kevin Glenn is not even an option.

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#Bombers are not trading for Adams, and have not yet explored other options at QB. Will wait to see full extent of Nichols injury before making any moves. #wfp

They have said 4 to 6 weeks. I can live with that.If the Bombers can swing a deal and end up with Kevin Glenn it would be ideal in my opinion.

All the best to Nichols, that's sucks. Now Durant or Glenn, personally I'm more of a Glenn fan than a Durant fan although Durant I believe has more ability to run with the ball. For what that is worth.

I would be shocked if Walters ever let DD step foot in Manitoba again let alone Don the blue and gold.

Well Durant can keep running....

I don't see how they'd welcome Durant either after how things went down.

The game with the Leo's tomorrow night will be huge for the QBs. Someone can play themselves into a starting role to start the season. I think they Bombers are hoping towards a return at 4 weeks as opposed to 6 and therefore won't be looking to make a deal. However if all three guys scheduled to play tomorrow struggle, that could change their thinking. The options are pretty scarce though. I doubt Glenn is an option, don't see the Esks moving him 1. to a West division competitor and 2. moving their backup after how poorly the other QBs showed in the second preseason game here in Winnipeg. It could very well be a busy first month for Harris and Flanders hoping to make do.

You are probably correct on that thinking about it.

I guess we're going to find out tomorrow if anyone's ready to start, as BC will pretty much be playing all its starters getting everyone game-ready in the new systems.

I watched Alex Ross last year here in BC and sorry, he is not starter material. Not yet anyway. Jennings and Lulay were both hurt and Jennings was quite ineffective down the stretch and he still couldn't find playing time - even when we were eliminated. Then he was released by BC in the off-season. That is quite telling.

IMO, Bombers are going to have to make a deal for an experienced QB. No way around it, no matter how good Streveler looked against the Esks.

Where is Lyle B Style?! Normally, he would make some ironic comedic posts about this.