WPG@ MTL: Thumbs up / Thumbs down

  1. I think it was cuz of a few PMs I sent people, one in particular was pretty bad, and looking back on it, I'm surprised the FBI hasn't broken down my door.
  2. Over a very silly affair which wasn't even my fail in the first place, but somebody has to take the drive cuz it was either me or three people, and it was me.
  1. spell check

spelling was pretty good that time, but I appeasheate the notifications you give me every now and then, not BS, thanks! :wink:

or you could do it before you post so people dont have to correct you. I understand people make spelling mistakes but half the things you write make no sense.

You missed a good opportunity to STFU!

Another one, wow !!! I’m impressed

Unfortunately, you can say that about half the people who post here. I’ve given up trying to get people to correct their spelling because it’s evident that the average user here can barely scratch his own name in the sand, let alone write a coherent sentence that clearly and accurately communicates the point he’s trying to make.

Note: This doesn’t apply to users whose first language is not English, and who deserve respect for trying to write in a second or third language.