Wpg @ Mtl Pre Season game #1

Gotta admit i might be a little hard here but that was a waste of 3 hrs of my life. I seriously should of stayed on St Laurent and watched the honey's walk by at the sidewalk sale. Where to start? Mcpherson sucked, Neiswander sucked, besides a couple of dipsy doodle shuffles it was Tim Maypray all over again running back kicks. The defence sucked including starters like Ferri. Whyte still has no leg, the Wpg kicker was out kicking him by a easy 25-30 yards. A few flashes by Devine, Wolfe and Anderson. Besides that :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: !!

Ps: Aaron Hunt is really fat like really fat, now tell me how the hell did he get to the QB all these years, i'd really like to know.

Dude, it's the first preseason game of the year. Chill. It's basically an audition for newcomers out of base vanilla play packages on both sides of the ball.

First preseason game is made to impress. I am chilling i dont care i know that there is no playbook, but seriously nothing to impress at all.

Let’s see:
McPherson got injured last Pre-Season and missed half the year
OK…this time he did squat and Philion got his jollies missing the point entirely:
He didn’t tear an ACL…hooray!
Nobody ever got rich banking on d-linemen’s brains


Adrian had absolutely NOTHING to prove this time around
Nor did most of the O-line
Nor will AC next week
Or Richardson

Pre-season is for professionals like coaches and scouts and GM’s to evaluate talent
Sometimes I wish it would all happen behind closed doors
Either folks are getting all excited and riled up about someone
Or about to throw the baby, the bathwater and the whole house
Into the drink

It’s entirely useless
Unless you’re a Saskatchewan fan
Then it’s entirely valid and a reason to cash in your melon-hats
And focus on lacrosse or whatever

First the crowd was very good, around 20k for a "scrimmage" and "tryout" is very positive considering all the issues that went on over the winter.

The only downer for me is that no one really reached out and grabbed a job. All the RB looked like clones of each other same with the kick returners. So I don't know how much answers the coaching staff got. Looks like the guys who got the most playing times are those who's are in battles for roster spots of some type.

Not sure we really needed to see Kyle Graves punt.

Some of the guys who started the games and got pulled quickly probably won roster spots. Hebert, Murrell, Wood, Lavoie.
Some of the battles will likely continue in Toronto.

I am not sure how many answers the coaching staff got out of this...

Herb’s view is already out.

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Pierre Durocher

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Didine RDS

#LCF #Alouettes Brandon London a souffert d'une légère commotion cérébrale vs #Bombers.

Herb's Blog.... I think he's found a way to score a 3 day weekend :slight_smile:

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I agree under the circumstances that 20,000 for this stinker is a solid core. However this means that ticketmaster's map of available seating is horsecrap because it showed over 22,000 tix sold. Apparently 1,700 tix remain for july 6 but now i have to remain cautious. It was 21,000 at our pre-season opener last year and the season average was 24,000 so hopefuly if the team is competitive we can manage 22-23,000 a game.

Going golfing with the 1981 expos tomorrow at Ile-Perrot. it'll help to digest this turkey of a game. got to see smith,gully,scott and cro in Pointe-Claire last night.

Having a plaque commemorating the 1981 expos on the east side wall: great move by Mark Weightman and the alouette organization. I was also glad that Tony Proudfoot was again recognized, lest we forget.

G'night. It was nice to be back at the stadium again.

From all accounts, the defense looked good, and that’s really what concerns me at this stage.

I know a good deal of you won’t be in agreement, but two pre-season games are not nearly enough to assess newcomers, many of whom won’t be around for the second game.

Pre-season games almost necessarily will be full of mistakes. Players are going all out knowing full well that their jobs are on the line. Absolutely NO mistakes are permitted, and they have about 15 minutes to strut their stuff. That’s an awful lot of pressure for any player! The NFL has 4 - count 'em! - 4 pre-season games. IMO, this allows the coaching staff a whole lot more time to better assess their players under fire. And many of our first stringers have yet to don the uniform. No doubt, there will likely be some cobwebs with them, too. That’s why I think that we don’t really get a feel for how the season might go until the 4th or 5th game of the regular season.

So, I guess we’ll have a better idea next game.

The only mild concern I have is that Adrian, judging from the game reports and the stats, didn’t look good at all. Granted, he only had one series (I think), but he couldn’t hit anyone and badly overthrew a receiver, resulting in a pick. I wonder if this is the result of him trying to shorten his throwing motion, as CJAD had reported? Maybe he has some mechanical issues to work out.

Think on this: despite losing and our offense failing to do much of anything, our defense only gave up one touchdown and registered five sacks without Bowman or Hopkins in the lineup. That has to be encouraging.

Not to mention that it was B-team Winnipeg versus B-team Als. No firm conclusions to draw a this point.

I agree with everything you wrote. I'd like to see the league allow for bigger roster for the first month of the season instead of just increasing SMS ceiling.

1 for 7 for 5 yards and 1 INT. Hopefully when he gets in the game against the Argos he fares allot better.

certainly the bright spot from the game no doubt.

Pre-season games are an occasion to evaluate new players /rookies that could make your team. We always prefer a win but it is important to take steps to make sure that some players could eventually help the team. In the games seen/heard so far, only BC and Hamilton played with many of their veterans; I say that the Als played less veterans than other teams. Difficult to have a good impression on your team when players such as: Calvillo,Whitaker,Richardson,Green,Bratton,Flory,Anderson,Brown,Parker and Cox did not play at all. We will have a better idea next week.

As with disciplineand punish, I was more than satisfied with the defence. Rookies such as Ingram-LB-,Lockley-LB-,and Murrell-DE- made a very good impression. I am positive that these 3 players will survived the first cuts and could even be amongst the 46 active players,once the regular season begins. There will be though decisions,particularly at LBs. I don't know if they played, but I did not hear about Montgomery-DE-,Akra-LB- and Restelli-LB-. Are they injured? Possibly Restelli.

By 23h59 on Sunday, no less than 10 players,excluding CIS draftees/exemptions, will have to be released; these reductions/deletions should/could include WRs: Sidney Stewart,T.P. Green,Marquan Jones and Derrell Johnson-Koulianos; DBs:Ed Gainey,Quinton Richardson,Isiah Barfield and possibly non-import Michael Carter; LBs:Daryl Vereen and possibly non-import Brian Ridgeway; OL Michael Ota; DL Alan-Michael Cash. Could Akra and Montgomery be amongst the cuts? Will Scott Riddle be cut? Will the Als keep Graves and Quinlan for another week?

I will not be surprised if at least 1 new DL is added in the weekend.


Like others have said it is too small a sample size to draw firm conclusions as yet. I agree with jkm that 2 pre-season games is tough to both evaluate players plus get the regulars in sync. I grew up with an intra-squad game plus 4 "exhibition" games as they called it at the time. But its economics, it aint going back to that.

Adrian`s performance was disappointing, but I heard Trestman this morning say he has had a good camp. I was a Santos fan, thought he could be a Dunnigan, Buck Pierce type, but I guess the coaches know best.

I still feel strongly that we will have a great defense, but it will take a few games for them to master the new system.

The return game was pretty decent with different returners, but my biggest concern remains our coverage teams. As I said before, we are missing last years best downfield tacklers and last year wasnt great.

Also fans have to understand this will be a work in progress. Fans aren't use to that in Montreal but what's important will be the progression of the defense over the course of the season.

Winnipeg was short their two starting NI tackles...

And we were missing Bowman, Hopkins, Cox, etc. etc.