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being a die hard bomber fan stuck outside of my home province i do not get to hear the usual media blurbs about my team. i know the standard is that the media in winnipeg like to be fairly harsh toward the cfl and the bombers specifically, esp that ass ed tait. can’t stand him. so what is the word in the media now. are they buiyiung this rebuilding tripe or are they demanding results or helds will roll?? i cannot imagine a city with the pride in their team that wpg has is willing to accept the way things are going.

it just makes me bitter that wpg booed jones and ritche out of town but would possibly willing to accept proclaimed mediocrity from the management. i know stegal must be steamed.

during the reinbold days,we were bad… no we were awful. so bad that it did not upset we when we played poorly… i found it depressing but with a bad team you can only do so much. now however i find myself getting angry watching games as we seem happy to settle for poor play from good players. when did it become acceptable for people in a bomber jersey not to work their asses of every game. when did we decide that poor play would not get you thrown on the bench. if this is the attitude that daley took with him from sask no wonder they let him go. daley taman… stop this talk of rebuilding no money for good players garbage. i am one long time bomber fan that does not buy into this. our team is decent. not the best maybe but that is alright. we should be playing our hearts out fighting each play putting the best game on the field possible. if we lose we better lose fighting hard. milt stegal, wade miller, charles roberts, jamie stoddard. these are players that are willing to fight each play to make the difference. they should be in doing their job. if you are not going to demand better it is time for change already.

rod rust and the defense. well done on friday… try not to be discouraged with the sad show on the other side of the ball.

now with that rant i think i need to let go of my anger until next week.
and i thought i was done with that therapist after reinbolds days. better find the number again.

come on to www.ourbombers.com … I joined a couple of days ago and it is an amazing site… i’m letting my feelings out over there. :!:

i don’t need to spend any more time venting than i already spend on this site. thanks for the invite though.

Yeah… I understand… and I feel the same on how hard the Bombers best players are playing… (example:roberts, stegall etc) and how Daley is doing nothing but making them mad by saying ‘rebuilding’ more then his vocabulary. I’m a die-hard bomber fan too, and listening to the home games on cjob and watching the away ones on t.v. isn’t really fun when they put no heart in the game. The defence is for sure putting their heart in the game, and trying to hold on for us, but our offence won’t get anything going if we have Tee playing for us. Like, oh my…we have gone 2-and-out 60% of our possessions and no wonder our average time of possession has been 14 minutes less than our opponent’s! Our poor defence can’t stay healthy at this rate… I think since this season will be an ugly one, next year is where we HAVE to make a stand. Jim Daley will never get Tee Martin out of his head and how he thinks, he is the man to go with. We have Wynn and a promising up comer Michna just dying to play, but we’d rather use Martin and make him learn the game. Like, if we get Glenn back and he starts to play again, while Tee sits back out where he should be. I think we will have a pretty good chance to shock some teams. We need to just fool around with this season, so next year we can be the team to beat because I know we don’t want to see other teams hoisting the Grey Cup in our stadium. I’m going to stick besides the bombers through this tough time, it just makes me sick to have to see this happen to our Bombers, who are way better of a team then this.

Last year and the start of this year was nothing but “Watch out for Martin” or “It’s Tee time in Winnipeg”. There were the classic, “I watched this guy play in College…blah blah blah”. He was The Answer in Winnipeg… three games ago. I thought Rider fans were harsh on their QBs. “Three games in the CFL and he hasn’t thrown for 350 yards in a game yet? Man we better jump off this bandwagon before we are the only ones left on it.”
So in all reality, who is better? Glenn or Martin? Or is it one of your other mystery QBs we haven’t seen yet (in WPG at least) Wynn or Michna? My opinion… Jones!

Go Riders!!

I never believed in Martin from the beginning. My first option when Glenn went out was Wynn, but it has been Martin. Now, we have to watch him try to struggle and learn more this friday. Like…Argg. Glenn or Martin? Glenn of course. Wynn or Michna? I don’t really care. I’d chose Wynn but we need to get Glenn back in action. If Jones came back to Winnipeg (Yeah right) I just don’t know. Any QB who can actually score a TD and maybe get a few first downs and carry the ball down the field will make me a happy bomber camper.

i agree wpg fans are brutal for cheering for the 2nd stringer. however this time the problem is not that he hasn’t thrown for 350 yds per game. those are his stats for the season so far. and i too never suggested martin would work out for us and have always been a wynn fan. glenn i think is a very capable backup and won’t be losing us games as starter. just won’t be what wins them either. if we get a win with martin i will be impressed because that will be a great game for our defense. as for jones. he got a bad rap. he is a decent qb.

The very fabric of media itself… IS hyperbole. They do what they do in order to sell… that’s IT. Don’t form a bias through the media, unless you’re copping-out. Realistically, the situation using CJOB “voice” Bob Irving. He had said, the Bomber defense would have to help out the offense for about 8 games into the season. He was interviewing Doug Brown. This was post-game pre-season match. Doug concurred. Then you hear the same guy saying that the Bomber offense has been killing the Bombers. It all makes sense to me.

Michna and Wynn might be better QBs, but if the Bombers receivers don’t start WORKING when they’re on the field, these other two QBs will screw up too. Who will the Bombers turn to when every one of their QB is marked as an underperformer? These receivers need a shake.

Thank you T&10. These guys that are asking for Martin’s head, just don’t understand… the bigger picture.

receivers can only do so much. martin passes are not even in the vicinity most of the time. yes peterson and mcgarity have played poorly for the most part but both actually did decently against edm. stegal has not been a problem. stherland not much to yet about him, stoddard has played well but rarely sees the field. i do not hold martin solely responsible for our woes but i do blame him for his inabvility to throw the balls near his receivers, esp against edm when he had enough time to do so. actually i am not angry with martin for his inability to put together a decent drive, i am upset with the coaches for sticking with someone continueously who has shown is is not close to ready for the challenge while there is a more experienced player on the sidelines.