WPG @ HAM Sept 16 2023

I hear there’s a game on today.

Anyone watching?


I was wondering where everyone was. Good game thus far. :beers:

I guess DCF is busy, and wasn’t able to start the thread.

Interesting game so far.

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Our secondary…

Missed concert return. You don’t see that every day.


TD Winnipeg, but we get the two point convert.

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I figure that the only chance ticats have is if I dont watch. So far so good :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that was a thing. Should be six points?

GREAT 1st qtr!


Nah. Can’t have the D score 6 when the most the O can score is 1 or 2.

Three drives. Four scores.

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Cats looking really good so far.

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Returning a missed field goal gets you six, doesn’t it?

Keep going Cats!!!
I’m loving Scott Milanovich’s play calling :+1:t3:

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They can take the FG and score 6.

They can miss the FG, have the returner fumble and score 6.

The kicking team cannot score more than 2 on a convert.

I’m here. It was the perfect day to take the dog for a swim. We won’t have many more like this.

would really like to see the guys get some hits on Zack

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But the offence has the potential to score six on a field goal attempt. They chose to go for three. In this case, the offence has the potential to score two, but chose to go for one.

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But even on a botched snap or a fake they could score 2.

D getting torched. And no they’re not tired.

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