WPG game in WPG this Friday

I really think we can win this game as this team played very well last week for about 58 minutes. Alex Green should be able to run against the WPG defence and we are good against the run as shown vs wilder last week . We will be adding Ted Laurent at DT that makes us that much better against the run and pass and better yet frees us up to use another import elsewhere . I am not sure where they will us the extra import at this time . It might be that they start Whitlock at DE or Capicciotti or maybe Aultman over Chambers though I like Chambers . They could also bring kick return specialist Quinn in as Aultman has not done much as a kick returner.

After a tough loss against the Argos , I am sure this team will be firing on all cylinders this friday night ...WPG relies on the run alot with national Anrew Harris and I think we can stop them in that aspect of the game.

We will also have Kanneh back for a 2nd game and likley Unama in for Washington which are both good things.

Oskie Wee Wee

I have to admit I was against the ticats playing Gable over Green after green ran for 140 yards on 10 carries in BC . I was very wrong as Gable really stepped it up in all aspects of his game and blew me away as he was the star of the game . I am curious if he knew he was going to be traded or might be traded based on his performance in that game . I doubt it but just a thought.

I have also been critical of Courtney for his lack of hitting hard and making big plays and getting to the qb on blitzes

In the last 2 games he has 2 interceptions and one sack ..so this guy is really developing which bodes well for the ticats as his confidence level is at a an all time high and he found a way to get to Jennings on a blitz 2 weeks ago. Right now he appears to be playing as well as the other db's which i;d say he is becoming a ratio buster like Laurent and Fantuz

It's unusual that a player entering a potential trade would play in the game. The "receiving" team would not want the "trading" team to let him play for fear of an injury. The trade would have been called off if that had occurred.

Louis Butko?
5h5 hours ago
#Ticats head coach June Jones on the status of 2x CFL all star @tedlaurent:
"I think he's going to be able to go"

Maybe Edmonton wanted to see that he could actually make it through a game of hard running without getting injured before accepting the trade. Maybe Maas and Sunderland "encouraged" Jones and Tillman to play Gable instead of Green.

Sure. We built our game plan around completing a trade for two neg list names. Why not?