........Here's hoping we can make amends for that disaster last Fri......There better be some changes on the roster for this one, and it looks like Dressler is dressing and playing...That's a positive.

Memo to LaPolice: get your QB in a rhythm with the quick passing game early! Making Willy sit in the pocket for those deep patterns to develop is going to get him killed.

That's great news about Dressler. For Winnipeg and the CFL.

....Only practiced a bit and now they're saying he won't play...We need his leadership and talent...too bad he can't go.....I guess Mayo will draw in :roll:

Tough to hear Dressler won't be playing. Hope he's back soon. At least whoever replaces him knows ahead of time and can prepare.

On the flip side, Calgary didn't show much last week. Transition in coaching to DD shouldn't be that much of a factor. Learning to live without Cornish, Rogers, and Fuller, however, has them searching for new go-to guys on offense. We should have beaten them twice last year, if we can put up some offense in the first half our chances for a win are decent I think.

......Cal. is very beatable....Can we get this season on track tomorrow...We shall see :roll:

....So many holes in this team don't no where to start...First half stunk and IF there isn't any changes in the second then this train wreck is worse than I thought :thdn: :thdn: Fans are going to question this club and it's coaching big time.....Is it too early to start talking cleaning house.. :roll: :roll: :roll:They BETTER show something in the second half

.....Things are going from bad to worse and I won't follow a team that doesn't seem to care, or has a clue on how to secure a head coach...Until that changes, I;m going to take a hiatus.. :thdn:

I think that's where were at. I'm OK with upper management (Miller and Walters) but OSH hasn't been able to produce the results we need. I think that, at this point, the challenge for our upper management is to find a HC who can win.

I've given up on this team already. We don't have a football team in Winnipeg.

Walters is clueless. In 7 years as the national recruiter, he has Chungh and Goosen to show for it, the o-line has been top priority and it's still the worst in the league after all this time, and on top of it all, he blew our 2 nd overall pick this year on a special teamer in the supplemental draft? Walters is the first head that needs to roll.

Ugly game.

  1. Offense was ridiculously bad. A chunk of the blame falls on Lapo. Start the game with short quick passes, get a few first downs and move the ball. I’m OK with the botched fake on the FG attempt. But then we completely abandoned those things that allowed us to move the ball until the last drive of the half. And our ball distribution on offense is beyond terrible. Kohlert I don’t think has had a look in his direction in either game. We spread the ball around a bit on that first drive, then didn’t get most of the offensive players involved again until the 4th Q. These are Lapo issues IMO.

  2. A couple of seasons of continued beatings and season ending injuries may have ruined Drew Willy. He took a hard hit in the 4th from a guy coming free on the backside which seemed to shake him up a bit. Willy seemed a bit less jittery in the pocket afterwards IMO. Maybe he needed to feel that hit and be able to get up afterwards to help settle him. Then again all the hits he’s had to endure the last couple of seasons may have ruined him and we may need to move on from him if he doesn’t rebound by mid season.

  3. Our Dline is beyond awful right now. Westerman is non existant on the field. Couldn’t stop the run and couldn’t pressure. The fact that Trent Corney got his first sack wasn’t amazing, I suspected at the start of the season he’d get a few, but that he’s the only DL with a sack 2 games into the season? Mindboggling.

  4. Having rookies in Posey and Fogg start on one side of the field is killing us. They are giving receivers large cushions and catches aplenty. We can’t get Johnny Adams back soon enough to replace one. And the other guy probably sees Hawkins take his spot soon enough.

  5. Leggett is out of place at SAM. Macho Harris hasn’t been our biggest problem but Leggett hasn’t shown the form at SAM he had last year when he stepped up after Randle’s injury. I’d rather see Leggett return to safety and look for someone else to play SAM , whether that’s Harris or someone else.

  6. Stanley Bryant is overpaid for what he’s producing. I though last year was a function of the rest of the OL but I’m not sure he can get back to the level he played at in Calgary. Neufeld isn’t a starting RT IMO. We signed T-Dre Player today to the PR. I think in a week or two we start seeing changes on the Oline with Player taking over a LG, and Hardrick sliding over to RT, or even Travis Bond at RT, Neufeld to backup OL.

  7. I’m not on the fire O’Shea wagon. I give him the year, especially since firing him now means Lapo as HC again more than likely and he’s part of the problem IMO. Frankly, the unit O’Shea is personally in charge of, special teams, has been the best in terms of preparation and execution. Lapo’s and Hall’s units are the ones underwhelming big time. Would not make sense to put either in charge of the entire roster IMO.