.......we got going way too late....I know Kelly told the BigBlue at half-time to man-up...which they did....He also told Bishop to go out and have fun with the offence in other words. 'go knock yourself out' ...which he did....and generally threw a scare into the stumps....There were some 'definite' bad calls by the refs. ...I even took my blue-colured glasses off to see that...BUT....our offence finally looked like they can move the ball...Bernard and a 54 yarder from a guy (serna) who last year couldn't hit accurately from the 20, sparked this team...Barrin Simpson....what can you say about the guy...it looked like he was put through a 'thrasher' and yet he still found the moxey to hang in there...and make plays....Lots of work on offence left to do for sure...but we should be ready to throw a scare into the Als. as well next game...Keepr er goin' BigBlue...one step at a time.. :thup: :rockin:

It was nice to see them put up a fight in the second half, the slow start is a big concern though as I thought we had seen the last of those teams that only show up for 30 minutes.

I learned a few things about the Bombers in this one:

  1. I dislike Craver & Ralph;
  2. Mike Bishop is one tough SOB;
  3. Reid & Bernard should on the field together every play;
  4. We don't have a big play receiver to rely on;
  5. Kelly is a rookie HC.

Yes, Craver didn't exactly cover himself with glory did he? Sort of made me long for the days of Robert Bean on the corner. . . not.

There's a good reason why Craver has been playing in the AFL these past few seasons. This reeks of some love affair between Campbell and him from their Edmonton days, the guy sure didn't earn the spot in TC.

craver in my eyes, is definately the weak link out there... the worst trade in the off season for me by far, was willie amos for thadius coleman. i hate that we have craver out there over amos or even samuals for that matter

especially since we cut thadius

how about doug brown? 7 tackles and 2 sacks!!! what a monster.. i guess they tried to double up on smith instead of him ha ha

…6) NO return game…how many times have i mentioned on here WE NEED A RETURNER…Now, not only are we not getting good field position…we’re coughing it up…This ain’t gonna fly against good teams…Makes me wonder if we shouldn’t have stuck it out with Ramonce Taylor and tried to rehab. him…Maybe the distraction would’ve been too much…It’s a real sore spot on this team…Armstead…WHY??? do you have to turn into a gun toting wildman… :twisted:

True we got going way to late, very true that Craver is really horrible to be blunt, Bishop had a great second half and the interception was not totally his fault. What i did not like this game was the reciever's seemed to have no step at all, when you have a QB like Bishop, you better run as fast as you can and they should know this by now, with Bishops arm you have to be at least 5 yards ahead of where they were on the field. I counted at least 6 times the reciever's "under played" the ball, in other words could have had a catch if they gave it there all and a couple could have been BIG PLAYS and TD'S. Nice to see the REAL FRED REID back, he is as good as any back in the league, if not the best, Bernard showed us that we have a great 1-2 Run attack still, if the reciever's get there "CRUD" together, we will be way better in the second half of the season, maybe be the team that beats the ALS for once "WITHOUT BEING BLOWN OUT OR SHUT OUT, POOR ARGO'S LOL". I called the Argo's to finish in 4th and it is looking that way now.

Back to the Wpg/Cgy Game, i am not making excuses, but i thought the officiating was horrible as horrible can be, on both sides of the ball, clearly too many missed calls or calls that should not have been called and the one that upsets me the most was the turning point in the second half and the game, when Bishop was "knocked out" and fumbled, it was clear as day that one of the Bomber's recovered the ball, how this was missed is anyone's guess, 2 plays later Burris throws for the game winning TD, aweful officiating wrecked a potentially great game, just brutal. Either way we lost and lost battling which was good to see, now it's time for the reciever's to pick it up and play 60 MINS of football.

Kudo's to the KID, Alexis Serna for his 54 yard field goal, this kids having a very good year and i strongly believe it's because Kelly has Faith in his ability and his working on leg streghth in the off season, if that were Berry, he would have simply said "Serna won't make it, bring out the punt team", great for Kelly to show his confidence in Serna and for Serna showing that he in fact can make the big kicks.

Just a couple of adjustments with the offense and defense and we will be okay, Craver should be gonzo, Hefner is a keeper and Simpson, even hurt is still a dominant MLB and the clear leader. A kick/punt returner we need as well, call up armstead a.s.a.p, Johnson was okay in yardage but his fumbles were unacceptable. Other than that we saw a sign in the second half that if we can CATCH THE BALL and PLAY for 60 MINS, WE ARE NOT AS BAD AS MANY PEOPLE THINK!!


…on the fumble by Bishop when he was in la-la land…you’re right BluenGold…even the announcers couldn’t believe the stumps were awarded the ball…the Bomber player had it under control on the ground…the play was dead…then the stamp player ripped the ball out…bad call…What was worse , the very next play , Henry beats Craver for six…Oh well, we did get a break on the pass interference call on Bowman…i looked at the play a few times…i can’t see the interference… 8) maybe the ref had these on 8)

My take on the game

Very unfortunate the way it started. Stamps take the ball and get a quick 3, then bombers fumble the kickoff and Stamps are up 6 nothing. Bishop does not even get out there until half way through the first qtr, not the way you want to start. Then we start with a handoff that goes nowhere, and its second down. Personally I would have started with the passing to open up the running game, and not the other way around, but thats just me. For sure the running game was OUTSTANDING in the 2nd half, that will not be easy to repeat I wager?

Late in the game we had a td pass that somehow was not caught in the end zone, we settled for a field goal. I thought we had a chance at the end, I was a bit concerned about the point Stamps got but figured if it was meant to be fate would provide for the 2 point convert. It must be said that I did call for intervention from above, but was not to be I guess.

Glen Suitor really does not like Bishop, this is not my paranoia but fact! (btw I am only paranoid because everybody is against me) quote from the late great Frank Burns. Both the announcers suggested pulling Bishop after the 3rd series of the game! This is nothing new for Suitor, he has some sort of a complex with Bishop. Speaking of Bishop, I was fully expecting the Bishop bashers to be all over him here today? Whats up?? Where are they?

i was always kind of neuteral with bishop... he obviously has the physicle tools... i always thought if he was put in the right situation he would be a winning QB... which he is, wait untill he gels with the recievers... and learns the play book, we'll improve on a weekly basis...

it wouldnt hurt to try and upgrade the offensive line either.

Overall a good game played by The peg! I hope peg can continue to be competitive and keep the A**** at the bottom of the CFL!

Several things I'd like to point out.

Yes our rushing attack finally came through, but some things I noticed. Glenn January sucks. Simple the guy is awful, trying watching him. Several times I saw him do nothing at all, and on the 3rd and 2 late in the game he horribly missed the LB cause he had his head down who ended up tackling Reid, there was daylight if January makes that block. Also, Bates is not much better and Morley is just too slow. Alot of the runs were caused by Khan and Labatte.
Bishop can manage a game. And with our dominant defense and if we can keep the rushing game going that should be enough. Bernard had a great debut as well, he is much quicker than expected. Between him and Giles, it is nice to know we have depth at one offensive position. Our WR's are desperatly missing Armstrong. His big physical presence took alot of pressure off of Edwards and Bryant. Bowman is not there and not that guy. But overall one of the lesser weaknesses, IMO.
Serna is developing well, glad we stuck with him. Renaud is alright, no mistakes but does not wow you.
We don't we just bring in a KR? It is a simple matter of signing one of the many that are available, with more becoming available each week with NFL making cuts. James Johnson is not a KR, round hole, square plug. He is a natural corner, give him a chance to play over Craver.
Our defense was missing Shabazz's speed in the linebacking core, which became obvious in the passing game. Craver struggled, but overall the defense still played pretty well just were on the field way too much. Calgary clearly game planned to take advantage of Perry on that option play, which they did significantly, always thought Perry was overrated. Oh and after reading about whoever that idiot was that was arguing we should trade Brown because he does not get stats, look at what happens when Brown gets a single team.

Perry isn't overrated, just a little passed his prime. He did get 2 sacks last game didn't he? The Bombers just have alot of strength up front IMO, and he's just getting lost in the shuffle. If he can stay healthy, expect a few game changing plays throughout from him. Where's Edwards? I always thought of him as a real threat at receiver.

Went out with an injury.

just my take on the things everyones been commenting on here

  1. Craver, unfortunately not gonna cut it... james johnson is a much better cover guy and has a knack for timely interceptions, id be stupid not to give him his chance now, also brandon stewart had a soilid camp although i think he may be an inside halfback db, not a corner.. anyone know forsure of this?

  2. agree and disagree about the oline. coleman should have been kept especially considering the age on our oline... outside of labatte its a group of dinosaurs (kahn did play great tho) we need to bring in more guys to push our starters. but overall i think they werent horrible.. we did run for over 200 yrds i think they just need some tweeks to help pass protection

  3. and finally what we all thought was our biggest STRENGTH, is now our WEAKNESS. Our Recievers are playing uninspired football and frankly right now are not good enough... lets break em down

Bowman - too inconsistent, showed promise early and has big play capability but we cant rely on him as a top 2 or 3 guy right now

Bryant - Again has flashes but he thrives as a #3 option with a bit less coverage around him... doesnt look like the same player right now.

Edwards - the one guy that has stepped up to the plate... hopefully he is ok... he is our best wr by far

Ralph - another inconsistent wr, the only reason hes starting is he is a canadian and Franklin is out.

Hargreaves is still too green to start, thorpe is hurt.. Hurry Back Arjeh We need you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think thorpe will thrive as a kr when he is healthy, its what got him to the nfl and he did well in college, the guy can fly.. so in the meantime i think we need to ugrade our recieving corps asap... signing an nfl cut or making a move but something needs to be done... even if bishop starts to gel hes gonna need these guys to step up and help him out

That's a pretty good analysis Towelie. I particularly like your point about Bryant.

Maybe he's another Kwame Cavil. . . terrific as a third receiver when he was in Montreal, but in subsequent stops (Hamilton and somewhere else, I forget) when he was seen as a #1 or #2 guy, he struggled mightily.

Anything less than 1200 yards from Bowman this year will prove that sitting Armstrong in the opener was another rush to judgement.

Interesting how this and the front four were the two strenghts of this team and now they are just average... hmmm.

possibly.. too bad i liked kwame too. he got a chance in the peg too.. didnt play too bad. might have got hurt? cant remember but when they released him it was a bit of a surprise.

and hx i agree that it was a bad decision to release armstrong but if his knee was so bad that toronto wouldnt take him maybe bowman wasnt the only factor in sitting armstrong... not disagreeing just showing an alternate possibility.

your right about the recievers, even i though we'd be among the best heading into the season, its definately a let down to date...
but i do disagree about our front four. they are starting to get used to each other and the sacks are coming.. dorian smith is having an outstanding rookie campaign and look at browns last game... that group will be fine. and thrwo in our very strong linebacking corps and the bombers are a pretty tough unit up front.

Once again I find myself in agreement with Towelie here. . .

That is one fine D line; Walls and Perry off the edge may not be the best tandem in the CFL, but they aren't the worst either. Doug Brown and the new kid makes the Bombers very strong up the middle; add in that terrific LB corps, that is one formidable front seven. Best part of the Bombers' team, in my opinion.